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Sample question and answers for bank po exam, 12th November 2011

Where is the India's first ocenarium planned?
Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra

Who are been named athlete of the year 2011?
Usain Bolt of jamaica and Sally Pearson of Australia

Which country has been suspended from Arab league and why?
Syria, To end violence against protesters, and called for sanctions and transition talks with opposition

Which country senate cleared economic reform bill recently?

When is iPhone 4S set to launch in India?
November 25th 2011

Which medal did India bag in Lal Bahadur Shastri Under-21 women's hockey tournament?

Name the 'Tomorrow Never Dies' actress who is set to visit India for the International Film Festival to be held in Goa from November 23rd to December 3rd 2011.
Michelle Yeoh

Who became the first foreign head of government or state to address 'People's Majlis', Maldives' Parliament in its history of 78 years?
Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh

Name the 1968 Noble prize for medicine winner, who died recently.
Gobind Khorana

Which country has announced USD 100 million credit facility to Maldives?

Which stadium is set to host opening match of World Series Hockey starting on December 17th 2011?
Dhyan Chand National Stadium

Who resigned as Italian Prime Minister recently?
Silvio Berlusconi

Which country is set to host 2018 Commonwealth Games?

Which city is set to host 2017 world athletic championship?