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Sample Question and answers for KPSC, 10th November 2011

Who has been named Greek interim Prime Minister?
Lucas Papademos

Which are the 2 awards or recognitions India bagged at the World Travel Market 2011?
World's Leading Destination and World's Leading Tourist Board award

Who has been appointed as CEO of UBS India?
Aashish Kamat

What is Australia's lowest Test cricket score in 109 years?
47 all out against South Africa in 2011

Who became the first wicketkeeper to cross 500 catches?
Mark Boucher

Which fund gets priority from a company under liquidation over repaying loans to secured creditors?
Employees' Provident Fund

Name the latest Sumo variant launched by Tata Motors.
Sumo Gold

Which Indian city is set to host the World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit?

Which country won the approval to join the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Who is the first and the only female President of African Country Liberia?
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

On which day Cambodia celebrates its independence day?
9th Nov

Which Biggest hip hop singer of 1980's died on 8th Nov 2011?
Heavy D

Which writer won the 2011 University of Wales Dylan Thomas Prize?
Lucy Caldwell