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General Knowledge, 28th December 2011

Which country's President has been diagonised with cancer?
Argentine President Cristina Fernandez

Name the professor at Moran college who has been conferred with Pratima Barua Pandey Memorial Award.
Anil Saikia

Which state's Government finances are in dire straits and planners are banking on the 12th Five Year Plan to bail them out?
Himachal Pradesh

Name the weightlifter who has set a record by lifting 188kg in men's 94kg category an the National Weightlifting Championship to win 3 gold medals.

Which Asian country unwelcomes Facebook?

Which Asian country is set to introduce US style visa rules for foreigners?

Where is China set to begin work on the world's highest airport?
Tibet's Nagqu town(4,436 metres or 14,553 feet above sea level)

Where in Russia is the world's deepest metro station set to be unveiled?
St.Petersburg, Admiralteiskaya station