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Possible question and answers for competitive exams, 25th and 26th December 2011

Name the ex-Chief Minister of Karnataka who died recently.

Which company won the SAP ACE Award 2011 for the category "Best-Run Business in Cloud ERP Implementation"?
iSAT Network Engineers

Which note denomination is set to be issued with rupee symbol by RBI?
500 rupees note

Which stake has sony set to sell to Samsung for $940 million?
LCD's stake

Which event has been recognised as single-biggest event at the Special Olympics?
Gujarat's Khel Mahakumbh

China recently tested high-speed train at what speed?

Which middle east country is set to allow foreign airlines to fly domestic routes?
Saudi Arabia

Which Indian city is set to host International coffee festival in January 2012?

Name the Indian football team defender who retired from international football recently.
Mahesh Gawli