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Sample question and answers for UPSC exam 2011, 22nd December 2011

Who has been named Czech Republic Athlete of the Year?
Petra Kvitova

Name the American boxing champion who has been sentenced to 90days jail.
Floyd Mayweather

Where has the bronze statue of Steve Jobs been unveiled?
Budapest, Hungary

Name the person who hung himself by his hair for 23 minutes setting a world record.
Suthakaran Sivagnanathurai

Which airlines has slipped to No.5 in market share as the company is cash strapped?
Kingfisher Airlines

Which Finnish Formula 1 driver is set to return for 2012 season?
Kimi Raikkonen

Name the Rider who has been voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
Mark Cavendish

Name the first Qatar woman who is set to participate in Qatar's National Swim Team.
Nada Mohammed Wafa

Which South African movie won the Best Film award at the 4th edition of the Bangalore International Film Festival?

Name the former Indian test cricketer who passed away in Pune recently.
Vasant Ranjane