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UPSC general awareness question with answers, 6th December 2011

Use of which notes is to be treated as terror act?
Fake Notes

When is the National Telecom Policy is set to be rolled out?

Which bank is set to buy more than half of Barclays Indian credit card portfolio?
Standard Chartered Bank

Who has been appointed as Manufacturers Association for Information Technology's executive director?
Sabyasachi Patra

Which company recently got NOC from ONGC to sell major stake in its Indian unit to Vedanta Resources?
Carin India

Name the mobile app company which Facebook acquired recently.

What is the new interface launched by Microsoft for Xbox gamers?
Kinect sensor (Kinect for Xbox)

Name the US scriptwriter who debuted with Bollywood kid books.
Nico Raposo

Who has been appointed as Managing Director for India by Research in Motion?
Sunil Dutt

Which 3 countries are set to hold Trilateral meet in Washington?
India, US and Japan