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World Current Affairs 2011, 20th December 2011

Who has been named AIFF Player of the Year?
Sunil Chhetri

Who has been honoured Banker of the Year award 2010-11?
Ravi Pillai

Name the Former Miss Venezuela who died of breast cancer.
Eva Ekvall

Name the newly developed Remotely operated vehicle handed over by Defense Research and Development Organisation to the Indian Army.

Which Finance is set to raise Rs.600 crore through Debenture Issue?
Muthoot Finance

Name the latest pendrive launched in India by Kingston.
Fortune Dragon Drive

Who has been awarded Best actor in social role and Entertainer of the year at the Big Star Entertainment Awards recently?
Amitabh Bachchan

Which Indian state celebrated its 50th anniversary of liberation from 450 years of Portuguese rule?

Name Microsoft's new version of Social Network. as social)

Who became first Bangladesh cricket player to take 5-wicket haul and score century in the same test?
Shakib Al Hasan

Where has facebook moved its headquarters?
Menlo Park city, California

Who has been named Germany's sportsman of the Year?
NBA star Dirk Nowitzki

Name the 2 earth sized extra-solar planets discovered recently.
Kepler-20e and Kepler-20f

Name the youngster of Australia who topped high school music exam in Tabla playing.
Vincent Dodd

Which country has declared national disaster as flash floods have left more than 1,000 dead or missing?

Which country has announced plans to separate retail and investment banking to prevent a repeat of financial crisis that triggered massive state bailouts?

Who won gold at the women's 1500 metre title of the 72nd All-India Inter-Varsity athletics championship?