ICC World Cup 2011 Highlights

Kevin O'Brien scores the fastest century in world cup history, 100 runs in 50 balls

Ireland records the highest ever run chase in cricket world cup history

Kemar Roach gets 1st hatrick of the World Cup  2011 against Netherlands

Lasith Malinga records the 2nd hatrick of the Cricket World Cup 2011 against Kenya

Mythology - 5 (Shivrathri Quiz)

Which of Lord Shiva's name means 'Always Pure'?

Which month marks the occurence of 'Shivrathri'?

Shivratri is celebrated to mark?
Union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi

What 3 fundamental powers of Lord Shiva does his Trishul symbolize?
Will, Action and Knowledge

Who is the divine consort of Lord Shiva?

According to Hindu Mythology, which scared river flows from the matted hair of Shiva?

The dancing posture of Lord Shiva is represented as?

Lord Shiva was given the name 'Neelkanta' because?
His throat is blue in color

How many Sanskrit names does Lord Shiva has?

Where is Lord Shiva's Shri Omkarehwar Temple located?
Madhya Pradesh