ATM withdrawal norms in India from 1st July 2011

5 Free ATM transactions including Balance Enquiry, PIN Change etc.

Financial Transaction or Withdrawal of money beyond 5 transactions customer to be charged Rs.20 per transaction

Non-Financial Transaction, a customer to be charged Rs.8.5 per transaction

Wrongly debited amount to be credited to customer's account within 7 days failing which a bank would have to pay Rs.100 per day, provided the complaint was logged within 30 days of transaction

Science Quiz - Biology quiz

What is the common name for Vicia Fabe?
Broad Bean

What is the other name of the plants which is also called as Gramineae?

What is the other name for leaf?

Who is the Father of Taxonomy?
Carlus Linnaeus

What is the top of the flower stalk called?

What is the name of the fruit of rose is called as?

The name given to the division of nucleus of a cell is?

Which apparatus is used to measure the growth of the plants?