Insurance Quiz - 3

Where was the first Life Insurance company was setup in India?


In which year was the first life insurance company was setup in India?


Which was the first life insurance company to be setup in India?

Oriental Life Insurance company

In which year Government of India started publishing returns of Insurance companies in India?


What was the statutory measure been taken to regulate the life business?

Indian Life Insurance Act was passed

Which act was passed to protect the interest of the investors who invest in Insurance?

Insurance Act in 1938

In which year an ordinance was passed to nationalise the Life Insurance sector?


In which year Life Insurance Corporation came into existence?


Which was the first general insurance company to be setup in India?

Triton Insurance Company private limited

In which year Nationalisation of General insurance took place?


Which former RBI governor was heading the committee being setup in the year 1993?

RN Malhotra

In which year IRDA was constituted as an autonomous body?


Ancient American quiz

Where did the Inca Empire rule?
They ruled along the Andes mountain in south American from Ecuador to central Chile

What was the name given to the Gold and Silver by the Incas?
Gold as "The sweat of the sun" and Silver as "The tears of the Moon"

Who were called as K'ul ahau?
The kings of Maya civilizations were called as k'ul ahau

What is Chocolatl?
Chocolatl is a bitter spicy drink made from the beans of the cocoa trees drank by the Aztecs

Who was the last Aztec Ruler?
King Montezuma II