Current Affairs September 2011 - (7) for bank,ias,upsc exams

Who has been elected as president of BCCI?

Who has been appointed as IPL Chief?
Rajiv Shukla

Which UAE college has Birla Institure of Technology is set to operate?
Royal College of Applied Science and Technology

Which sandalwood female actor is set to contest for Youth Congress chief post?

Which kannada poet has been selected for Knanpith Award, India's highest literary honour?
Chandrashekhara Kambar

Which two Hindi authors have been chosen for India's highest literary honour Jnanpith Award for 2009?
Shrilal Shukla and Amar Kant

What and which European nation credit rating has been downgraded by S&P?
From A+/A-1+ to A/A-1, Italy

Which service has Google opened to all taking fight to Facebook?
Google Plus

In order to help farmers and push retail prices ban on which product export has been lifted recently?

Who has bee re-elected as chief of Karnataka Milk Federation?
G.Somashekara Reddy

In which country the Indian Council for Cultural Relations is set to inaugurate the Gandhi Centre on October 2nd?

Which part of India has been hit by bird flu recently?
West Bengal and Assam

Who won his maiden World Championship cycle tournament?
6-time Russian champion Peter Svidler

Which group has bagged the Network of the Year trophy at the Spikes Asia Advertising Festival in Singapore?
DDB Group

Which Dubai-based company has picked up 12% stake in Everonn Education?
Varkey Group's education firm Gems education

Name the company which divided its business into operating and network division recently.
Maxis-owned Aircel

Which 2 teams have been qualified for Champions League Twenty 20 cricket main draw?
Kolkata Knight Riders and Somerset

Which 2 players were handed lifeline after Hockey India lifted two-year ban imposed on them for indiscipline?
Sandeep Singh and Sardara Singh

Name the board which is to be setup for all policy and certification related issues of the automobile industry.
National Automotive board

When is the World Twenty 20 cricket scheduled to begin?
September 18th 2012

Whose proposal of ODI format change was rejected by ICC recently?
Sachin Tendulkar

Which country's UN membership bid was rejected by US President Barack Obama recently?

How long is the Emergency law valid in Egypt as the military council?
Until June 2012

Which city is the first to introduce all-electric cabs?
Mexico city(Mexico)

Which is the Latest tablet launched by
Kindle Fire

Which company has produced the first glasses-free 3-D TV?

Which is the new hollywood sports movie in which Brad pitt is in lead role?
Money ball
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ICC's new changes or amendments for Test,ODI and Twenty-20 Cricket from October 1st 2011

Two balls in one-day match
Two balls, instead of one will be used in each innings of a match in One-day International

Obstructing the field
'Obstructing the field', on appeal from the fielding team while a batsman is running between the wickets could be given out provided he has not significantly changed his direction of running and also umpire feels that by some other actions it is clear that the batsman has intended to obstruct the field. To decide this, the on-field umpires could consult the third umpire.

Powerplays in 50-over format
Total number of powerplay overs remain at 20 per innings with first 10 mandatory, second and third to be taken between 16th and 40th Over

Runner for a batsman
Runner for a batsman shall not be permitted in any formats of the game

Retiring hurt or Returning
Unless 9 wickets are down, injured or ill batsman has the option of retiring hurt and returning to bat at a later stage as per the need

Injured or Ill player
Calculation of the period for which an injured or ill player who is absent from field shall not be permitted to bowl or bat i.e.penalty time in all forms of game

Bowler Attempt run-out non-striker
Bowler is permitted to attempt run-out before releasing the ball and has not completed his usual delivery swing. Whether the attempt is successful or not, the shall not count. If the bowler fails in an attempt to runout the non-striker the umpire shall call and signal Dead ball

Extra 15 minutes at the scheduled lunch or tea interval
Umpires could decide to allow 15 minutes (minimum 4 overs) extra time at the scheduled lunch or tea interval of any day upon captain's request only when umpire's believe it would bring a definite result in that session. If umpires do not believe a result can a be achieved no extra time shall be allowed

Interval delay by a maximum of 30 minutes
In Test cricket, if nine wickets are down at the time of scheduled lunch interval, the interval shall be delayed by 30 minutes as it is with tea interval

ODI minimum interval
Minimum interval for an uninterrupted One-Day match has been increased from 20 minutes to 30 minutes