Sample Current Affairs for IBPS exam, 5th November 2011

Name one of the oldest singer who passed away recently.
Bhupen Hazarika

Name the woman officer who became the fourth generation of a family to serve police continuously since 1921.

What value of demand drafts to be account payee only as per RBI notification?
Above Rs.20,000

Where is the 17th SAARC summit to be held?
Addu city in Maldives

G20 Summit 2011- a brief note

List of countries in G20
Arabia Argentina
Brazil Australia
China Canada
France European Union
Italy India
Indonesia Germany
South Korea Japan
Russia Mexico
Turkey South Africa
United States of America United Kingdom
Outcome of the Summit:
Commodity market transparency, Investing in infrastructure in developing countries, Innovative financing for development and climate Banking regulation, Protecting against instability of agricultural prices, Fighting corruption, Market regulation, Trade, Enhancing the IMF's response capacity and surveillance, Agriculture, Social regulation of globalisation, Financial stability board, Emergency humanitarian food reserves, Reform of the International monetary system, Tax heavens and non-cooperative jurisdictions and Action plan for growth and jobs