Current Affairs for MBA and BBM, 13th November 2011

Name the cricket writer who died recently.
Peter Roebuck

Name the website launched by commonwealth war graves commission to honour undivided India's war heroes.

Who won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2011?
Lewis Hamilton

Who has been appointed as Sebi chief?

General Knowledge for School Kids - 14

Cement is ______
i) an ore ii) an element iii) a mixture iv) a compound

Butter is _____
i) an acid ii) a fat iii) an oil iv) condensed milk

Silk is a _____
i) protein ii) carbohydrate iii) fat iv) none of these

Insulin is a ____
i) an enzyme ii) vitamin iii) both i and ii iv) none of these

Diamond is ____
i) nickel ii) sulphur iii) carbon iv) iron ore

Bronze is an alloy of _______
i) tin and zinc ii) copper and zinc iii) aluminium and zinc iv) tin and copper

The human body contains maximum amount of ____
i) water ii) fats iii) protein iv) fats

Natural rubber is made from a white liquid called _____
i) milk ii) latex iii) sap iv) resin