IAS prelims gk, 18th November 2011

Which country is set to rebuild Srilanka's war-ravaged railway tracks in Northern province?

Where is 3-day cultural festival titled Octave 2011 held?

Which most awaited Superfast Express was flagged off by chief minister Arjun Munda recently?
Hatia-Pune Superfast Express

How many records were created on the inaugural day of Senior National Aquatic Championships?
4 records

Who is the president of Karnataka State Cooperative Federation?

Tips for clear writing

Use familiar words
Use concrete words
Use single words in place of circumlocution (too many words)
Use short words in place of long words
Prefer Saxon (British) words instead of Romance (Latin) words
Be careful with use of technical words
Use strong words
Use active verbs
Use precise words and idioms