General Knowledge, 7th December 2011

When is the 2012 Indian Grand Prix scheduled to be held?
October 28th 2012

When is the Direct Tax Code (DTC) scheduled to come into force in India?
From 1st April 2012

Against whom did Vishwanthan Anand loose in recently held London Chess Classic?
Hikaru Nakamura

Which Indian state is set to get Green Field Industrial Corridor?
Arunachal Pradesh

Who is ranked 18th in top 20 of ICC ODI bowling charts?
Ravichandran Ashwin

Which company was acquired by SAP to boost their portfolio of web-based software?
SuccessFactors Inc

Name the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard(HP) who died recently due to cancer?
Patricia Dunn

What is the name of the small car from Chrysler which features Fiat Spa technology?
Dodge Dart

Who is the CEO of Delphi Automotive?
Rodney O'Neal

Which artist won the 2011 Turner Prize?
Martin Boyce

Name the blues guitarist who died recently?
Hubert Sumlin

Which singer won six awards in 2011 American Country Awards?
Jason Aldean