Sports Quiz 2011 - Tennis, Formula One Quiz

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Current Affairs 2011, 29th December 2011

At what value have India and Japan agreed for currency swap?
$15 billion

Where has Aditya Birla Group set to invest $500 million?

Name the 2 Indian umpires and judge who have been appointed for the 2012 London Olympics hockey event.
R.V.Raghu Prasad and Claudius De Sales

What value of preferential shares have Air India's lenders were approved by its board?
Rs.7,500 crore

Who has been appointed as Executive Director of Indian Overseas Bank?

Which LG smartphone is set to hit markets by January 2012?
LG Prada 3.0

Who resigned from Hindustan Unilever Board recently?
HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh

Name the Indian American who has been chosen as the most powerful woman in California by National Diversity Council.
Shefali Duggal