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2012 New Year Quiz - International Year of Cooperation

On which day the starting day of the year 2012 starts?


How is year 2012 been represented in Roman numbers?


What is special about the year 2012?

2012 is a Leap year
United Nations has deignated 2012 year as what?

"International year of Cooperatives" and
"International year of Sustainable Energy

How is 2012 better know in Bengali Calendar?


How is year 2012 represented according to hindu calendars?

Vikram Samvat - 2068-2069
Shaka Samvat - 1934-1935
Kali Yuga - 5113-5114

How is year 2012 represented in Thai calendar?


What is special about 6th of February in the year 2012?

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

On which date Annular Solar Eclipse will occur in the year 2012?

20th May 2012 (Northern China to California)

What is peculiar about 6th June,2012?

Century's second and last solar transit of Venus

When will be the next pair of solar transit of Venus predicted?

Year 2117 and 2125

When will be the opening ceremony of 2012 Summer Olympics?

July 27,2012

Which city will become the first to host Summer Olympics for three times?


When will be the closing ceremony of 2012 London Summer Olympics?

12th August,2012

In Which part of the world will the total Solar Eclipse appears which occurs on 13th November 2012?

Northern Australia and South Pacific

What is special about 31st December,2012?

End of first commitment period of Kyoto Protocol

Which country is all set to launch Kuafa spacecraft in the year 2012?


What is the name of the super computer built by IBM?

Sequoia - For National Nuclear Security