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IPL 2012 Quiz, IPL Auction quiz 2012 - Sports Quiz

Which Indian player was put on maximum bid of whopping 2 million dollars in IPL 2012 auction?

Ravindra Jadeja

In which IPL team Ravindra Jadeja was playing in earlier seasons?

Rajasthan Royals

Which two teams bid the maximum amount for Ravindra Jadeja?

Deccan chargers and Chennai Super Kings

Ravindra Jadeja was bought for staggering amount of $2 million by which IPL team in IPL auction 2012 held at ITC Royal Gardenia,Bangalore on 4th February,2012?

Chennai Super Kings

In which IPL team Brendon Mccullum will be playing in 2012 season?

Kolkata Knight Riders

Which IPL team won the bid for Muttiah Muralidaran in IPL auction 2012

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Herchelle Giibbs was bought by which IPL team for $50000 in 2012 auction?

Mumbai Indians

Kings XI Punjab team had won the bid for which Pakistan allrounder?

Azhar Mahmood

In which IPL team australian fast bowler Mitchell Jhonson will be playing in 2012 season?

Mumbai Indians