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List of Punchlines of various companies

Inspire the Next - Hitachi
Breathe Easy - Blue Star
A diamond is forever. - Debeers
Get More out of Now - Dell
A Virtual World of Live Pictures - Kodak
Relax! Its FedEx - Fedex
Know How - Canon
International Clothing - Cantabill
Have it your way - Burger King
The way to Fly - British Airways
We turn on ideas - Seagate
Drive your way - Suzuki
Intelligence Everywhere - Motorola
India's International Bank - Bank of Baroda
The network is the computer - Sun Microsystems
It takes a licking and keep on ticking - Timex
Solutions for a small planet - IBM
The ultimate driving machine - BMW
My Life. My card - American Express
Invent - Hewlett Packard
Dentist's Choice - Oral B
Never Follow - Audi
Emotionally Yours - Sahara
The worlds online market place - Ebay
We Make It Happen - IBM
Play the Lead - Park Avenue
The world's local bank - HSBC


  1. hi sir.... i regularly view and make notes from this site...... sir plz upload some general awareness question for SBI upcoming clerical exam on 18th march .... i will be very thankful to u

  2. Hi Hussain, its good to know the site is helping you. Daily current affairs update are possible general awareness questions that could be asked in bank or competitive exams.

  3. Hello sir, namaste. I m frm gujarat. thank you very much. I m taking help of this site.

  4. Hi, Welcome Mr.Bhautik. Good to know the site is of help to you.

  5. thanks!,I think they will help me,in my coming "QUIZ"


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