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Sample Report Writing


The Personnel Manager of Flight India Machine Tools Ltd. - a large manufacturing organisation with a factory, repair workshop and offices - wishes to bring to the notice of departmental and Section Heads the fact that employees in the factory, workshops and office have been coming late in the mornings, leaving early in the evenings and taking longer than 1-hour break at mid-day. He stresses that this is a most unsatisfactory state of affairs for the company and that urgent action needs to be taken to ensure that staff come and leave their places of work at proper times. As the Personnel Manager of the company he is responsible to the Managing Director for all matters relating to employee relations. He will need to remind Heads of Departments of their responsibility to watch staff punctuality and attendance records. He requests them to take immediate action to bring these matters to the attention of all staff.




Flight India Machine Tools Ltd.
20, Industrial Estate,
Peenya, Bangalore

15th February, 2012

To: All Heads of Sections and Departments
From: Raj, Personnel Manager

Staff Punctuality and Attendance

It has been observed that staff of both the factory and repair workshops are arriving late in the mornings, leaving before time at the end of the day and arriving back late from their mid-day break. This is a state of affairs which all Heads should do their utmost to rectify immediately.

A detailed check made last week revealed that almost third of the factory workers, according to the clocking machine, arrived after 8:30a.m. and in the repair workshops twenty out of a labour force of fifty were late arrivals and at least four out of six mornings. One third of the factory and workshop labour force left, on at least four evenings out of five, before 6pm. This could not be permitted as it hampers the efficiency and productivity of the company. Also too many workers are returning late from mid-day break which I would remind all Heads should be of one hour's duration only.

Office staff should be at their desks by 9:00a.m and it has been noted that several of them are not. Again, there is too much late returning at mid-day.

I would remind Heads of their responsibility for enforcing punctuality and for watching attendance records. Periodical checks is the need of the hour and reason for absence should be closely examined and staff should be reminded that a consistently bad record of punctuality and attendance constitutes a legitimate reason for dismissal.

C.C. Managing Director                                                                                                                                                                                         Raj


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