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Retirement of 'The Wall', Film city in Kerala, 82nd Edition of Motor Show

Name the cricket personality called 'The Wall' who retired from International cricket recently.
Rahul Dravid

Where is Kerala a film city is to be built?
Varikkassery Mana at Ottapalam

Who will be appointed as CEO of L&T?
K Venkataraman

Where in Europe the 82nd Edition of Motor Show 2012 is held?

Name the chocolate boy of Hindi cinema during 1960's who passed away recently.
Joy Mukherjee

Who is appointed as ISI chief of Pakistan Government?
Lt. Gen. Zaheerul Islam

Which 5 provinces of Ecuador have been declared state of emergency as the country is hit by heavy flooding?
Manabi, Los Rios, Guayas, El Oro and Loja

Which Indian NGO has been chosen for America's first Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls, for training and organising wastepickers and eliminating child labour from recycling?

What is the reduced CRR of scheduled banks as revised by RBI at 75 basis points?