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IDBI Ultra Small Branches, World's highest longest bridge in China

Name the nuclear submarine which joined Indian Navy.
INS Chakra

Which education company bagged Rs.209 crore order from Assam Government?

Which 2 north Indian states will have pipeline connected oil terminals for supply of diesel, petrol and kerosene?
Jammu and Himachal Pradesh

Which Asian country has issued tender to buy minimum of 30,000 tonnes of basmati rice from India and Pakistan?

Which company has offered its users virtual tour of world's top galleries?

Name the Somali Olympic Committee president and Somali Football Federation chief who were killed by a woman suicide bomber.
Aden Yabarow and Said Mohamed Nur

Name the Serbian President who resigned recently.
Boris Tadic

Who donated 1 million Singapore Dollars to Indian Heritage Centre?
Founder of Singapore-based IT company Si2i Mobility B.K.Modi

Name the world's highest and longest bridge that was officially opened to motorists in China.
Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge in Jishou

Which bank has opened 16 Ultra Small branches in 16 locations in villages to cater to financial needs of the rural populace?

Who has been conferred with Sir Jehangir Ghandy Medal?
Narayana Murthy

In which city in Kerala will Infosys setup its 2nd campus?