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South Indian state mobile ban in assembly, World Performance car of the year 2012

Name the car which bagged 2012 World Car Design of the Year Award.
Range Rover Evoque

Which car won the 2012 World Performance Car of the Year award?
Porsche 911

Which South Indian state banned mobile phone in assembly?
Tamil Nadu

Delhi Cantonment recently hosted which edition of Delhi Horse Show?
27th Edition

Which 2 countries MP's will play a friendly T20 match on April 13th 2012 at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association stadium?
Indian and British MP's

Name the Turkish Prime Minister who made his first visit to China in 27 years.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Whom did British Queen appoint to the highest female rank in the Royal Victorian Order in recognition to her personal services to monarchy, Buckingham Palace?
Prince Charles's wife Camilla

Which group plans to set up 75 hotels in India in next 3 years taking the number from 15 to 90?
Accor Group

At what value did iGate accepted to delist Patni shares?
Rs.520 per share

Which banks are now allowed by RBI to join electronic payment system?
All licensed banks, including urban co-operative, state co-operative and district co-operative banks