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Sporting Event 2010 - 5

Table Tennis Qatar Open Doha Feb 17-21 Kuwait Open Kuwait City Feb 23-27 German Open Berlin Mar 18-21 Indian Open New Delhi Apr 1-5 World Team Championship Moscow May 23-30 China Open (venue undecided) June 23-27 Tennis Australian Open Australia Jan 18-31 French Open France May 23-June 6 Wimbledon UK June 21-July 7 US Open US Aug 30-Sep 12 ATP World Tour Finals London Nov 21-29 WTA Championship Doha Oct 25-30 Tournament of Champions Bali Nov 1-5 Common Wealth Games New Delhi Oct 3-14 Mumbai Marathon Jan 17 2010

Morgan Stanley banking license in India

Whom did Vishwanathan Anand defended to win World Chess Championship 2012? Boris Gelfand iTV is the concept of which company? Apple Which company is set to announce water-resistant Xperia phones? Sony Where in Middle East Facebook opened its office? Dubai Name the ex-COO of Aircel who has been appointed as president and CEO of RCom's wireless business. Gurdeep Singh Which US-based bank got banking license in India? Morgan Stanley Name the Ex-Liberian president who is sentenced 50 years in prison. Charles Taylor India recently declined to sell nuclear technology to which 3 countries? Iran, Iraq and Libya Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would invest in which 2 sectors of Uttar Pradesh state? Health and Agriculture sectors Expand ICO. (Hint: Coffee) International Coffee Organisation Expand TFSI. (Hint: Toyota) Toyota Financial Services India

Sporting Event 2010 - 4

Golf Asian Tour International Bangkok Feb 4-7 Avantha Championship Delhi Feb 11-14 Pro-Am Championship New Delhi Feb 18-21 Augusta Masters Apr 8-11 US Open California June 17-20 British Open Scotland July 15-18 PGA Championship Wisconsin Aug 12-15 European Masters Switzerland Sept 2-5 World Golf Championship Shanghai Nov 4-7 Hockey FHI Hockey World Cup New Delhi Feb 28-March 13 Women's Champions Trophy Nottingham(England) July 10-18 Men's Champions Trophy Monchengladbach(Germany) July 31-August 8 Women's World Cup Rosario(Argentina) Aug 30-Sep 12

Sporting Event 2010 - 3

Formula One Bahrain GP Sakhir March 12-14 Australian GP Melbourne March 26-28 Malaysian GP Kuala Lumpur April 2-4 Chinese GP Shangai April 16-18 Spanish GP Catlunya May 7-9 Monaco GP Monte Carlo May 13-16 Turkish GP Istanbul May 28-30 Canadian GP Montreal June 11-13 European GP Valencia June 25-27 British GP Silverstone July 9-11 German GP Hockenheim July 23-25 Hungarian GP Budapest July 30-Aug 1 Belgian GP Spa-Francorchamps Aug 27-29 Italian GP Monza Sep 10-12 Singapore GP Singapore Sep 24-26 Korean GP Yeongam October 22-24 Brazialian GP Sao Paulo Nov 5-7 Abu Dhabi GP Marina Nov 12-14 Football World Cup South Africa June 11- July 11 Europa Cup Hamburg May 12 Champions League Madrid May 22

Samsung launches Music Hub

Who has been appointed as director general of Jammu and Kashmir police? Ashok Prasad Which football team has been identified as the world's most popular football club by a survey carried out by market research agency, Kantar? Manchester United Expand SFIO. Serious Fraud Investigation Office Which Northeast state got Software Technology Park recently? Tripura Ritesh Idnani was Chief Operating Officer of which BPO company? Infosys Which company launched Music Hub as iTunes rival? Samsung For which company did Karima Bawa worked as Chief Legal Officer? Research In Motion Kanshiram Nagar : Aligarh :: Maharajganj : ___________ Gorakhpur

Sporting Event 2010 - 2

Cricket ICC Under-19 World Cup New Zealand Jan 15-31 Indian Premier League - IPL3 India March-April ICC World T20 West Indies April-May Cycling Tour de France France July 3-25

Indian Premier League 5 Statistics

Top Run Scorers Player Matches Runs Average Chris Gayle(RCB) 15 733 61.08 Gautam Gambhir(KKR) 17 590 36.87 Shikhar Dhawan(DC) 15 569 40.64   Top Wicket Takers Player Matches Wickets Average Morne Morkel 16 25 18.12 Sunil Narine 15 24 13.50 Lasith Malinga 14 22 15.90  

Technology launch of 2009

Company Product Apple IPhone 3G S Google Chrome OS Predicted launch second half of 2010 Microsoft Windows 7 Amazon Kindle 2, an e-book reader Microsoft Bing, a decision engine Apple Updated iMac launched Samsung Net Book, N140 powered by Windows 7 Nokia Net book - Booklet 3G Indian Space Research Organisation Bhuvan, India's mapping application website Samsung LED TV with a resolution of 1920x1080 Reliance India Mobile Blackberry Storm 9530 Sony Vaio X, an ultra-slim laptop Creative Zen X-FI 2, 3-inch touch screen media player Transcend PF810 touch-sensitive digital photo frame Dell Studio One 19, desktop PC with multi-touch LCD display

Dr.Manmohan Singh first Prime Minister to visit Myanmar after 25 years

Who won the 2012 Indian Premier League? Kolkata Knight Riders Name the Indian who became the first Prime Minister to visit Myanmar after 25 years. Dr.Manmohan Singh Who won the 66th Santosh Trophy? Services against Tamil Nadu (3-2) Which company has warned of internet blackout on July 9th 2012? Google Which company has invested Rs.21,000 crore to setup railway wagon and component factory in West Bengal? SAIL Name the tennis player who played his 50th Grand Slam tournament at the French Open 2012. Roger Federer Who won the Monaco Grand Prix 2012? Mark Webber Who won the Chennai Open 2012 at the Indian Squash Academy? Joshna Chinappa (6th title of her career) Who won the Thomas Cup 2012 title? Lin Dan Which countries recently signed 12 agreements, including a $500 million credit line, border area development and air services? India and Mayanmar Where in India 3-day international student's film festival will be held from 1st June 2012? Kolkata Which film of Raj Kapoor has been added t

Inventions - 1

Who invented the first process of mass production of steel inexpensively in 1850? i) William Jelly ii) Robert William iii) Sir Henry Bessemer iv) Henry David Who invented safety razor? i) King Camp Gillette ii) King Camp Gillette II iii) King Camp Razor iv) None of these Who was the inventor of modern computer? i) Ada Lovelace ii) Bill Gates iii) Steve Jobs iv) Charles Babbage Who invented computer mouse? i) Paul Allen ii) Naryan Murthy iii) Bill Gates iv) Douglas Engelbart Who invented modern electronic pocket calculator? i) Mike Calc ii) James Puckle iii) Jack Kilby iv) None of these Which scientist is the greatest of all time having over 1000 patents to his credit? i) Albert Einstein ii) Vishveshwaraiah iii) Thomas Alva Edison iv) Issac Newton Who invented the pencil sharpener in 1847? i) Micheal Sharpener ii) Judson iii) Therry Des Estwaux iv) None of these Who made the first Atom bomb in the world? i) James Atom ii) Neils Bhor iii) Max Planck iv) Otto Hahn Who invented the lo


1. If hair on the human head is not kept clean and dry, one of the following can occur: i) Pimples ii) Boils iii) Ring Worm iv) Eczema 2. Which vitamin is found in green chillies? i) Vitamin A ii) Vitamin B iii) Vitamin C iv) Vitamin D 3. Common Cold is caused by i) bacteria ii) a virus iii) rhino viruses and those which cause influenza and infect glands iv) 30 different viruses called rhino viruses 4. Which vitamin is useful for healthy gums? i) Vitamin K ii) Vitamin C iii) Vitamin B1 iv) Vitamin B2 5. Deficiency of iron in the human diet causes i) goitre ii) rickets iii) scurvy iv) anaemia 6. Which vitamin is known as 'Sunshine' Vitamin? i) Vitamin A ii) Vitamin B iii) Vitamin C iv) Vitamin D 7. Which is most harmful to human life? i) Worms ii) Parasites iii) Virus iv) Fungi 8. The most important item in our diet is i) Proteins ii) Vitamins iii) Carbohydrates iv) Water 9. The food for building tissues in the body is i) Carbohydrates ii) Proteins iii) Fat iv) Vitamins 10. Whic

Latin and Greek Words

Latin Words erratum errata index indices, indexes datum data radius radii formula formulae or formulas memorandum memoranda terminus termini or terminuses Greek Words axis axes crisis crises basis bases analysis analyses parenthesis parentheses hypothesis hypotheses phenomenon phenomena criterion criteria

Interesting Facts - 5

Where would one be if he/she were a pillion rider? On the backseat of a Cycle or Two-wheeler Which is the most common word used in the English Language? The How many winks one is said to have if taken a short sleep or a doze? Forty winks What on road is a 'sleeping policeman'? A speed breaker What does the expression, 'My stomach thinks my throat is cut', mean? It means 'I am hungry' What kind of person is made to wear a strait jacket? A violent prisoner/A mental patient Which part of a dog might one see in a book? Dog ears (when pages are folded in the corners) The word 'chit' is derived from a word in an Indian Language. Which word? Chiti (a letter) How did the saucer get its name? It was originally used for keeping sauce In a standard dictionary, which letter has the least number of words listed under it? X

Mascots of London Olympics 2012 questions and answers

When were the official mascots for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games unveiled? 19th May 2010 When was the first time both Olympic and Paralympic mascots were unveiled at the same time? At the Vancouver Olympics (2010) Name the two mascots of London Olympics 2012. Wenlock and Mandeville What does the two animated mascots depict? Two drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton How is the name Wenlock derived for a mascot of summer olympics 2012? It is named after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock which held a forerunner of the current Olympic Games How is the name Mandeville derived for a mascot of summer olympics 2012? It is named after Stoke Mandeville, a village in Buckinghamshire where a forerunner to the Paralympic Games were first held Who wrote the story concepts to the mascots? Michael Morpurgo Name the 2 stories created about the mascots. Out Of A Rainbow and Adventures On A Rainbow


What in India lasts for 52 seconds? The National Anthem What relation is R.K.Laxman(cartoonist) to R.K.Narayan(novelist)? They are brothers With which Indian state the (colourful) art form pipli? Orissa Which Mughul emperor issued gold and silver coins bearing the signs of the Zodiac? Jahangir The Sansakar Kendra(Museum) in Ahmedabad is the only one of its kind in India. What is it? A kite museum The Nathula Pass connects Tibet with which Indian state? Sikkim What is common to Uni, Broad, Metre and Narrow? Railway track(gauges) sizes What fruit comes in the following varieties: Ratna, Neelam, Sindhu, Fernandin and Enugu Dutta? Mangoes During Worldwar II, which was the only part of India to be occupied by Japanese troops? Andaman and Nicobar Islands Which late Indian Prime Minister's birthday is celebrated on December 23 as Kisan Diwas? Charan Singh The largest fair in the world for the sale of which animal is held in Pushkar, Rajasthan? Camel

Events 2010

EVENT NAME MONTH & DATE ICC Under - 19 World Cup 2009/10 January15th to 30th Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games February12th to 28th Indian Premier League March 12th to April 25th Vancouver 2010 Paralympic March 12th to 21st FIFA World Cup at South Africa June 11th to July 11th Wimbledon 2010 June 21st to July 4th XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 October 3rd to October 14th

Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2012 finals

Which 2 teams qualify for finals of Indian Premier League 2012 to be held on 27th May 2012? Kolkata Kinght Riders and Chennai Super Kings As stated in Railway Budget which train from Rajasthan will help huge flow of pilgrims to reach the shrine of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti? Ajmer-Delhi Duronto train Which tourism has joined hands with IRCTC in India to improve their tourism services by making use of each other's expertise and facilities? Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Expand ADaRSH. Associationfor Development and Research of Sustainable Expand GRIHA. Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment Name the former chief minister of Meghalaya who passed away recently. Flinder Anderson Khonglam Which state Government in India announced a pension of Rs.1,000 per month post retirement and housing scheme for homeless journalists? Tripura Name the deputy Prime Minister who quit from Nepal cabinet recently. Krishna Sitaula Expand PAC. Public Accounts Committee

2009 - A rewind

Slumdog Millionaire wins 8(eight) Oscars Satyam scam surfaces amounting to Rs.7,136 crore Tech Mahindra acquires Satyam for $578million, renames Mahindra Satyam Barack Obama becomes US President India born V.Ramakrishnan shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry Homosexuality is legalized in India Tendulkar completes 20 years of international cricket World leaders pledge $1.1 trillion help for emerging economies at the G20 London summit CBI raids the Department of Telecom, alleging a Rs.20,000 crore fraud in spectrum allocation Suzlon Energy acquires Hansen Group for $565 million Bharti Wal-Mart opens its first Indian cash and carry outlet in Amritsar Bandra-Worli sea link, a 5.6km road across the Arabian Sea opens in Mumbai Telecom subscriber base crosses 500 million mark Facebook becomes the biggest social networking site with more than 300 million users H1N1 flu makes its ground in March in Mexico, (WHO)World Health Organisation declares it as a pandemic Parliament gets largest collection of

Famous Name

Chinese scholar who studied in Nalanda University - Hiuen Tsang First President of the Indian National Congress - W.C.Banerjee Author of Gitanjali - Rabindranath Tagore First Indian woman to cross the English Channel - Arati (Saha) Gupta First person to be awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously - Lal Bahadur Shastri First recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalike Award - Devika Rani Roerich India's first cosmonaut - Rakesh Sharma Sarvodaya leader popularly known as Loknayak - Jayaprakash Narayan First lady of the Indian screen - Nargis Dutt Nghtingale of India - Sarojini Naidu

Subjects - Mock test 4

Give one word for the following: 1. Science or study of sound - Acoustics 2. Mental and physical states of mankind - Anthropology 3. Study of heredity - Genetics 4. Study of epidemics - Epidemiology 5. Study of rainfall - Hyetology 6. Study of health - Hygiene 7. Study of living bodies - Biology 8. The study of plant life - Botany 9. Study of shells - Conchology 10. Study of teeth - Odontography

Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration and Tracking

To which country did India lose in Azlan Shah Cup? New Zealand Who will receive the honorary doctorate in civil law nearly after 20 years after Oxford University awarded? Aung Saan Suu Kyi Indian Air Force signed a deal worth Rs.2,800 crore for acquisition of which planes? Pilatus planes Name the new system that is introduced to get information of foreigners visiting India. Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration and Tracking (IVFRT) Which 2 Indian companies have been included in the 'BrandZ list' of the top 100 most-valuable global brands of 2012 by research firm Millward Brown? Bharti Airtel and ICICI Bank

Top 12 CEO exits of the year 2009

Subramaniam Ramadorai TCS Deepak Parekh HDFC (will be stepping down Jan 2010) Ramani Ayer Hartford Financial Services Rick Wagoner General Motors Alvaro de Molina GMAC Edward Liddy AIG David Moffet Freddie Mac Herbert Allison Freddie Mac's partnering company Fannie Mae Bernard Poussot Wyeth Fred Hassan Merck and Co John Thain Merril Lynch Harry Styli Sequenom

Interesting Facts - 3

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history Spades - King David Clubs - Alexander the Great Hearts – Charlemagne Diamonds - Julius Caesar Shakespeare invented the word 'assassination' and 'bump' The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language The most common name in the world is Mohammed

My Last Wish, a social network for people on death bed

Which team was eliminated to qualify in the IPL 2012 by Chennai Super Kings? Mumbai Indians Which commodity's price had steepest price increase recently in India? Petrol (increase by Rs.7.50per litre) Which country tested a missile just 4 days after NATO summit? Russia Name the 5 books released by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Bihar's glory. Bihar from birth to centenary, Bihar Gaurav, Bihar Vibhooti, Women's role in Bihar development and Role of Bihar in development of Urdu literature Name the book to be released by Sumedha Kamat-Desai on traditional Goan culture. Palav Paan Which city in Rajasthan will be made smoking free? Jaipur Name the Australian world's richest woman as per an annual index by Business Review Weekly. Gina Rineheart Which country would infuse 30 billion euros into businesses to repay debts? Italy Who has been appointed as CEO of Motorola Mobility post Google's acquisition? Dennis Woodside Name the social network launched for the people who are

Interesting Facts - 2

Q: What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common? A: All invented by women The electric chair was invented by a dentist Coca-Cola was originally green The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue Women blink nearly twice as much as men!! You can't kill yourself by holding your breath It is impossible to lick your elbow The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in one's ear by 700 times Like fingerprints , everyone's tongue print is different Most lipstick contains fish scales People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a millisecond Sneezing too hard could result a rib fracture . If one tries to suppress a sneeze it can rupture a blood vessel in the head or neck and die

Abbreviations -3

AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences APPLE - Ariane Paasenger Payload Experiment B.Com - Bachelor of Commerce BDO - Block Development Officer B.Pharm - Bachelor of Pharmacy C-in-C - Commander-in-Chief EEC - European Economic Community etc. - et cetera (and the rest) SPCA - Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency SAI - Sports Authority of India NSS - National Service Scheme OIGS - On India Government Service SSC - Staff Selection Commission VCR - Video Cassette Recorder

Kolkata Knight Riders qualify for IPL 2012 finals

Which act was passed for Sikh organisations recently? Anand Marriage Act What is the changed brand name of West Assam Milk Producer's Cooperative Union Ltd. (Wamul) milk in the market? Purabi Smart Which 2 teams qualified for Santosh Trophy 2012 semifinals? Manipur and Kerala Which team qualified for finals in the IPL qualifier 2012? Kolkata Knight Riders Name one among the Bee Gees who died recently fighting against cancer. Robin Gibb Thomas Cook Group's India unit would be sold to subsidiary of which Toronto-based company? Fairbridge Capital subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Which airways on its occassion of 7th anniversary gift has fixed its ticket fare at Rs.777? SpiceJet

Chemical Symbols

Ag Silver Al Aluminium Ar Argon Au Gold B Boron Br Bromine C Carbon Ca Calcium Cl Chlorine Co Cobalt Cu Copper F Fluorine Fe Iron He Helium Hg Mercury I Iodine K Potassium Mg Magnesium N Nitrogen Na Sodium Ne Neon O Oxygen P Phosphorus Pb Lead S Sulphur

Billboard Awards 2012

ARTIST AWARDS Awards Winners  Top Artist Adele  Top New Artist  Wiz Khalifa  Top Male Artist Lil Wayne  Top Female Artist  Adele  Top Duo/Group  LMFAO  Top Billboard 200 Artist  Adele  Top Hot 100 Artist  Adele  Top Digital Songs Artist  Adele  Top Radio Songs Artist  Adele  Top Touring Artist  U2  Top Social Artist  Justin Bieber  Top Streaming Artist  Rihanna  Top Digital Media Artist  Adele  Top Pop Artist  Adele  Top R&B Artist  Chris Brown  Top Rap Artist  Lil Wayne  Top Country Artist  Lady Antebellum  Top Rock Artist  Coldplay  Top Alternative Artist  Coldplay  Top Latin Artist  Shakira  Top Dance Artist  Lady Gaga Top Christian Artist Casting Crowns   ALBUM AWARDS Awards Winners Top Billboard 200 Album "21" - Adele Top Pop Album "21" - Adele Top R&B Album "4" - Beyonce Knowles Top Rap Album "Tha Carter IV" - Lil Wayne Top Country Album "My Kinda Party" - Jason Aldean Top Rock Album "Mylo Xyloto" - Coldplay Top

ICC ODI Team of the Year(in batting order)

Virender Sehwag (India) Chris Gayle (West Indies) Kevin Pietersen (England) Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka) Yuvraj Singh (India) Martin Guptill (New Zealand) MS Dhoni (India) Wicket Keeper and Captain Andrew Flintoff (England) Nuwan Kulasekara (Sri Lanka) Ajantha Mendis (Sri Lanka) Umar Gul (Pakistan) 12th man: Thilan Thushara (Sri Lanka)

Devdas in millennium's top 10

WALL.E 2008 The Lord of the Rings 2001-03 Avatar 2009 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 The White Ribbon 2009 The Hurt Locker 2009 Synecdoche, New York 2008 Devdas 2002 Moulin Rouge! 2001 The Artist 2011

IT park in Jammu and Kashmir

Name the former Prime Minister who's 21st death anniversary was observed in India on 21st May 2012. Rajiv Gandhi Which browser over took Internet Explorer to become top browser in the world? Google Chrome Which country is pressing for global internet governance to the UN committee? India As per the Delhi Registration of Marriages Bill 2012, marriage registration is made compulsory in Delhi within how many days of tying the knot? 60 days. If exceeds, one has to pay a fine of Rs.10,000 Which Indian state with over 6 lakh unemployed youths could get an Information and Technology park? Jammu and Kashmir Which Netherland-based free instant messaging and call application firm is relocating its global headquarters to India? Nimbuzz Name the tower in Dubai, UAE which is 413.4 metres (1,356 feet) high and has 101 storeys, the world's tallest residential building. Princess Tower Who won the men's Rome Masters 2012 for a record 6th time? Rafael Nadal Who won the women's Rome Maste

Abbreviations -1

AAPSO - Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization ACC - Associated Cement Companies AHQ - Air Headquarters or Army Headquarters ARC - Administrative Reforms Commission ARDC - Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation ASCI - Administrative Staff College of India BCG - Bacillus Calmette Guerine BIFR - Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction CARE - Co-operative for American Relief Everywhere CDP - Community Development Programme CORE - Congress of Racial Equality ESIS - Employees State Insurance Scheme FRCP - Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians FRCS - Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons FRS - Fellow of the Royal Society GMT - Greenwich Mean Time HMI - Himalayan Mountaineering Institute IARI - Indian Agricultural Research Institute IAMC - Indian Army Medical Corps IATA - International Air Transport Association LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas NRSA - National Remote Sensing Agency NIRD - National Institute of Rural Development OIGS - On Indian Government Servic

Branches of Science

Argyrothecology moneyboxes Alogology seaweeds Cartology maps Colepterology beetles Desmology ligaments Exobiology life on other planets Herpotology reptiles Ktenology putting to death Pedology soils Pomology fruits Oology birds eggs Nephology clouds Nephrology kidneys Otology ears Metrology weights&measures; Xylology structure of wood

Interesting facts about birds

Rearest of Indian birds Megapodes Largest Indian bird Sarus Crane Fastest Flying bird Alpine Spine Tailed Swift Smallest bird of all Bee Humming bird Fastest running bird Ostrich Heaviest flying bird Kori Bustard Bird making the largest nest Bald Eagle Living bird with largest wing-soan measurement Wandering Albatross Largest domesticated bird Plumed Guineafowl Bird with longest feathers Long Tailed Fowl Largest bird of prey in the world Andean Condor Longest living bird European Eagle owl

1 year rural posting must for MMBS course in India

Name the 12 years and 9 months old child prodigy from Bhojpur district in Bihar who created history by cracking IIT-JEE 2012. Satyam Kumar of Bakhorapur Who won the French MotoGP 2012? Jorge Lorenzo One-year of rural posting is made compulsory for which medical course in  India? MBBS Name the Indian player who won his first ever ATP Challenger singles title 2012. Yuki Bhambri Name the asteroid which could come near to earth on 15 February 2013 leading to disruption of geosynchronous satellites. DA14 Name the 12 year old who has lectured at harvard and co-written a book in America. Blake Kernen Name the card that would popularise after Chief General Manager D.V.Deshpande for NABARD urged commercial banks to promote it in Bihar. Kisan Credit Card

Top 10 Dividend Payers in India

Rank Company Dividend Paid (Rs. Cr) 1 ONGC 6,844 2 NTPC 2,968 3 Reliance Industries 1,897 4 State Bank of India 1,841 5 Hindustan Unilever 1,635 6 ITC 1,397 7 TCS 1,370 8 Infosys Technologies 1,346 9 ICICI Bank 1,225 10 Tata Steel 1,169

Known Your Legal Terms

Affidavit - A statement on oath for use as evidence in judicial proceedings Power of Attorney - A document under seal authorising the person to whom it is given to act in all respects as the agent of the granter of the power in relation to matters specified in the documents Bail - The security given to affect the release of one arrested or imprisoned, on the understanding that he/she shall appear for trail at a fixed time and place. Certiorari - A writ to transfer a law suit from lower court to a higher court Code - A body of classified laws of regulations Court Martial - A military court to try persons under military laws Copyright - The exclusive right of an author on his literary or artistic work. It is vested with the author for a specific period of time Decree - The award or decision of court Exhibit - A legal document or an object presented as proof Forgery - The act of falsely making or materially altering any writing with the intention to defraud. Also the act of coun

Android Operating System 5 Jelly Bean

Name the 73 year old Japanese oldest woman to scale Mt.Everest. Tamae Watanabe Which Mobile E-commerce App was acquired by Facebook recently? Karma What is the name of the new version of Android Operating System called? Android 5 "Jelly bean" What is the name of new tool launched by yahoo for online advertisers for their data analytics? Genome Who won the Football Champions League 2012 final match against Bayern Munich? Chelesa Which state Government in the west of India completed 1 year at office? West Bengal Which state Government in South India completed 1 year at office? Tamil Nadu Which Indian state is now center of spiritual tourism? Gujarat Cyber Defence Research Centre came into operation recently in which Indian state? Jharkhand Name the 1st Bangladeshi woman who scaled Mt.Everest. Nishat Majumder In which tournament did India defeat South Korea to bag a consolation bronze medal recently? Junior Asia Cup hockey tournament 2012 Name the Indian origin British civil ser

Growth rate in Indian Economy 2009

Sector-wise Contributions Agriculture 0.9% Mining and quarrying 9% Manufacturing 9.2% Finance 7.7% Overall growth rate of Indian Economy for the quarter ending July-September is 7.9%

Mark the correct meaning

1. Womb i) ovum ii) gene iii) uterus iv) none of the above 2. Science of good births i) eugenics ii) heredity iii) genealogy iv) none of these 3. Out of time i) incongruous ii) anachronic iii) synchronic iv) mychronic 4. Study of diseases i) pathology ii) telepathy iii) antipathy iv) neopathy 5. Fond of company, friends, group activities, etc. i) apathetic ii) gregarious iii) chronological iv) socialism 6. Indifferent i) antipathetic ii) pathetic iii) apathetic iv) anpathetic 7. To be purposely confusing i) equivocate ii) obviate iii) prescribe iv) precise 8. To work to the disadvantage of i) malign ii) militate iii) placate iv) acetate 9. Lack of equality i) parity ii) disparity iii) ambiguity iv) partiality 10. Of doubtful conclusion i) equivocation ii) disparity iii) ambiguity iv) none of these 11. agile i) lively ii) stubborn iii) skilful iv) careful 12. prevalent i) dangerous ii) catching iii) widespread iv) fatal 13. verve i) impudence ii) enthusiasm iii) sudden turn iv) evasion

Death due to mosquito bite, now covered under accidental death

At what value did Facebook IPO open at Nasdaq? $42.05 Who rang the opening bell remotely of Nasdaq as Facebook made its public debut on 18th May 2012? Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Name the NRI who became the first Lord Mayor of Leicester town in UK. Abdul Razak Osman Name the Indian-American who was elected to Sugar Land City of Texas in US. Himesh Gandhi Death due to which insect is an accident and is covered under accidental death insurance as per the North District Consumer Forum in India? Mosquito Kerala investor meet was held as a part of build-up towards which event in September 2012? Emerging Kerala Conclave Which rating agency has downgraded Greek banks ratings from B- to CCC? Fitch rating agency How many Spanish banks debt ratings has been cut by Moody's, citing the effects of recession? 16 Spanish banks

Current Affairs Entertainment 2009

Who will direct Kollywood actor Vijay's 51st film? Lingusamy Which movie franchise to go on auction block? Terminator Which duo are to co-host for the upcoming 82nd Academy Awards? Comedian Steve Martin and actor Alec Baldwin As a tribute, against which actor was a cyber memorial launched? Shankar Nag - Amounting to what value was the 'King of POP', Micheal Jackson's painting sold? $812,000 at an auction in Los Angeles Which UK-based radio consultancy firm has launched its operations in India to provide consultancy services and training programs for radio station's presenters? United Radio Which entertainment major launched the official Michael Jackson mobile website? Sony Which bollywood actress passed away on her 51st Birthday after battling cancer for 3 years? Simple Kapadia

Current Affairs World Economy 2009

What rank does India posses in the Legatum Prosperity Index ranking 2009? 45th rank What rank does India posses in the Per Capita GDP ranking among 104 countries in 2009 83rd Which company entered security market by launching security products? Wipro Which airline did Air India tie up for its MRO engine? Sharjah's Aerostar Who Business icon heads the rich list for the 5th consecutive year in South Africa? Lakshmi Mittal Which company bagged 68.97 billion rupees ($1.5billion) order from Maharashtra State Power Corporation? L&T; Who won the Business person of the year award 2009 at the annual Islamic Finance Business Awards held in Johannesburg, South Africa? Asgar Mahomed Who sold 200 tones of gold to RBI? International Monetary Fund (IMF) Which single premium policy was launched by Life Insurance Corporation of India? Jeevan Nischay On what ratio basis did Gujarat NRE Minerals allot bonus share during the year 2009? 1:1 Which company acquired coal and mineral technology busines

Bharti Airtel and Axis bank tie-up for banking services

Which town in Odisha touched 45 degree Celsius on 16th May 2012? Sambalpur, Hirakud, Titilagarh, Jharsuguda and Sonepur Which company was allowed by Indian cabinet to sign a gas purchase agreement with Turkmenistan national oil firm? GAIL India Ltd. Bharti Airtel tied-up for mobile banking services with which bank recently? Axis Bank Nomura downgraded which company from 'buy' to 'reduce'? Larsen and Toubro Nomura downgraded which company from 'buy' to 'neutral'? Ashok Leyland What did Rajya Sabha approve in the Copyright Amendment Bill seeking to remove operational difficulties? Address newer issues related to the digital world and worldwide web Demand for which language in the 8th Schedule of Indian constitution could be accepted soon? Bhojpuri Expand LAAR Bill. Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill Name the Grammy-winning, nicknamed the Queen of Disco who passed away after a battle with cancer. Donna Summer What value of swap facility

General Knowledge - Mock Test - 3

Following people are recipients of which award and in which year they receive it? Jananpith Awardees 1. Dr.Indira Goswami - 2000 2. Girish Karnad - 1998 3. Rajendra Keshavlal Shah - 2001 4. Kunwar Narayan - 2005   Following people are recipients of which award and in which year did they receive it? Nehru Awardees 1. Gok Chok Tong - 2003 2. Yasser Arafat - 1988 3. Aruna Asaf Ali - 1991 4. Helmut Kohl - 1990   Following people are recipients of which award and in which year did they receive it? Bharat Ratna Awardees 1. Gulzarilal Nanda - 1996 2. M.S.Subbulakhsmi - 1998 3. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam - 1997 4. J.R.D.Tata - 1992 5. Satyajit Ray - 1992

Planetarium in North Eastern states of India

What is the record low of Rupee closing against dollar on 16th May 2012? 54.49 Which 3 North Eastern states will have planetarium by 2013? Nagaland, Manipur and Jorhat in Assam Which state will introduce a bill to protect heritage buildings which are not protected by the Archaeological Survey of India or the state archeological department? Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu Heritage Commission Bill 2012) Which country's President has been fined $17,000 by its electoral authorities for urging his Facebook followers on polling day to vote for him? Taiwan (President Ma Ying-jeou) In which Junior Asia Cup tournament did India bag Bronze medal recently? Hockey Who will help bring the Olympic flame to Britain along with 5 young Britons as a formal handover ceremony in Athens, London 2012 on 18th May 2012? David Beckham Which company is planning to open 'Motherwood Maternity', 'A pea in the Pod' and 'Destination Maternity' brands in India? Mahindra Retail Where in India the fi

Nobel Prize Winners 2009

Physics : Charles Kao, Willard Boyle & George Smith Chemistry : Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Thomas Steitz & Ada Yonath Medicine : Blackburn, Greider & Szostak Literature : Herta Muller Peace : Barack Obama Economics : Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson

Marketing Terms and Stock Market Quiz

Name the personality who coined the term "Marketing Myopia". Theodere Levitt What is known as "Demand Spilover"? Sale of a product or brand in one country market generates demand in another country Name the first Public Sector share quoted on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Name the first women President of a Stock Exchange in India. Omana Abraham of Cochin Stock Exchange The stages of the product life cycle are Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline What are Brand names used to identify? Product Expand AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action Expand SWOT. Strength,Weakness,Opportunities and Threat What does a SWOT analysis determine? The capabilities of the organisation Marketing is all about? Providing benefits What is advertising? A non personal paid form of communication What is secondary data? Data collected from published materials