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100 years of Indian film industry 2013, Facebook IPO May 18th 2012

Name the Australian captain who made his debut in IPL 2012.

Michael Clarke

Which type of SIM cards are Switzerland based Geo Communications AG, launching in India?

International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) SIM cards which will allow multiple mobile numbers from different operators on a single SIM card

To help clear cane arrears of over Rs.10,000 crore which commodities exports has been let free by Government of India recently?


Name the footballer who represented Karnataka in Santosh Trophy in 1948 and 1949 who passed away recently.


Which industry in India will celebrate 100 years of its existence in May 2013?

Indian Film Industry (May 3rd 1913 to May 3rd 2013)

When is Facebook (IPO) set to go public?

May 18th 2012

When will the phased Basel III capital regulation in India be implemented as per RBI guidelines?

January 1st, 2013 (to be fully implemented by March 31st, 2018)