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Central Banks of top 15 countries in the world

List of Central Banks of Top 15 countries in the world. The list of Top 15 countries is according to the list of International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Serial No.CountryCentral Bank
1USAFederal Reserve System
2ChinaPeople's Bank of China
3JapanBank of Japan
4GermanyFederal Bank of Germany
5FranceBank of France
6BrazilCentral Bank of Brazil
7United KingdomBank of England
8ItalyBank of Italy
9RussiaCentral Bank of Russian Federation
10CanadaBank of Canada
11IndiaReserve Bank of India
12SpainBank of Spain
13AustraliaReserve Bank of Australia
14MexicoBank of Mexico
15South KoreaBank of Korea



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