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Indian Rupee Quiz and Interesting Facts

What is the code of Indian Rupee?


From which language Indian Rupee symbol is derived?


Who had introduced the Rupee in India?

It is believed that Sher Suri introduced Rupee

Which bank had issued the first paper note?

Bank of Hindustan

In which year decimalisation of rupee happened?


As a replacement for the rupee which currency was
introduced in the year 1959?

Gulf Rupee

By what other name Gulf Rupee was known?

Persian Gulf Rupee

In which year the paper currency act was introduced?


What is the current series of banknotes called?

Mahatma Gandhi series

Who controls the issuance of currency in India?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

In how many languages rupee has been written on Indian currency notes?

15 languages

Who had created the new Rupee symbol in the year 2010?

D.Udaya Kumar

What is the subunit of Rupee called?


The new rupee symbol has been incorporated in which denominations?

10,100,500 and 1000 rupee notes

What was the subunit of rupee called during the British rule?

16 Annas