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IT park in Jammu and Kashmir

Name the former Prime Minister who's 21st death anniversary was observed in India on 21st May 2012.
Rajiv Gandhi

Which browser over took Internet Explorer to become top browser in the world?
Google Chrome

Which country is pressing for global internet governance to the UN committee?

As per the Delhi Registration of Marriages Bill 2012, marriage registration is made compulsory in Delhi within how many days of tying the knot?
60 days. If exceeds, one has to pay a fine of Rs.10,000

Which Indian state with over 6 lakh unemployed youths could get an Information and Technology park?
Jammu and Kashmir

Which Netherland-based free instant messaging and call application firm is relocating its global headquarters to India?

Name the tower in Dubai, UAE which is 413.4 metres (1,356 feet) high and has 101 storeys, the world's tallest residential building.
Princess Tower

Who won the men's Rome Masters 2012 for a record 6th time?
Rafael Nadal

Who won the women's Rome Masters 2012 for 2nd time?
Maria Sharapova

Who won the doubles Rome Masters 2012 title?
Men's - Marcel Garnollers and Marc Lopez
Women's - Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci

Who is set to be India's next football coach?
Wim kovevermans, former Dutch central defender

Who is appointed  as Chairperson of Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd.(Tata Steel Board) as an additional director?
Mallika Srinivasan


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