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Known Your Legal Terms

Affidavit - A statement on oath for use as evidence in judicial proceedings

Power of Attorney - A document under seal authorising the person to whom it is given to act in all respects as the agent of the granter of the power in relation to matters specified in the documents

Bail - The security given to affect the release of one arrested or imprisoned, on the understanding that he/she shall appear for trail at a fixed time and place.

Certiorari - A writ to transfer a law suit from lower court to a higher court

Code - A body of classified laws of regulations

Court Martial - A military court to try persons under military laws

Copyright - The exclusive right of an author on his literary or artistic work. It is vested with the author for a specific period of time

Decree - The award or decision of court

Exhibit - A legal document or an object presented as proof

Forgery - The act of falsely making or materially altering any writing with the intention to defraud. Also the act of counterfeiting coins or currency

Indemnity - Security against damage or loss

Legacy - A gift by will of personal property

Proxy - One who acts for another, or the written authorisation for such person

Summons - A writ of court commanding the attendance of a witness at a specified time and place

Writ - An order issued by a court commanding a person to whom it is addressed to act or abstain from acting in some way

Will - Legal disposal of property on one's death according to the written instructions of the deceased