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Mark the correct meaning

1. Womb

i) ovum
ii) gene
iii) uterus
iv) none of the above

2. Science of good births

i) eugenics
ii) heredity
iii) genealogy
iv) none of these

3. Out of time

i) incongruous
ii) anachronic
iii) synchronic
iv) mychronic

4. Study of diseases

i) pathology
ii) telepathy
iii) antipathy
iv) neopathy

5. Fond of company, friends, group activities, etc.

i) apathetic
ii) gregarious
iii) chronological
iv) socialism

6. Indifferent

i) antipathetic
ii) pathetic
iii) apathetic
iv) anpathetic

7. To be purposely confusing

i) equivocate
ii) obviate
iii) prescribe
iv) precise

8. To work to the disadvantage of

i) malign
ii) militate
iii) placate
iv) acetate

9. Lack of equality

i) parity
ii) disparity
iii) ambiguity
iv) partiality

10. Of doubtful conclusion

i) equivocation
ii) disparity
iii) ambiguity
iv) none of these

11. agile

i) lively
ii) stubborn
iii) skilful
iv) careful

12. prevalent

i) dangerous
ii) catching
iii) widespread
iv) fatal

13. verve

i) impudence
ii) enthusiasm
iii) sudden turn
iv) evasion

14. ominous

i) unpleasant
ii) threatening
iii) untrue
iv) serious

15. formidable

i) easy
ii) conventional
iii) difficult to overcome
iv) rigging a boat

16. incredible

i) true
ii) interesting
iii) unknown
iv) unbelievable

17. oculist

i) eye doctor
ii) skin doctor
iii) bone doctor
iv) heart doctor

18. supersede

i) enforce
ii) continue
iii) take the place of
iv) repeal

19. inane

i) clumsy
ii) silly and pointless
iii) mad
iv) plain

20. anonymous

i) generous
ii) stingy
iii) well-known
iv) one whose name is not known