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Morgan Stanley banking license in India

Whom did Vishwanathan Anand defended to win World Chess Championship 2012?
Boris Gelfand

iTV is the concept of which company?

Which company is set to announce water-resistant Xperia phones?

Where in Middle East Facebook opened its office?

Name the ex-COO of Aircel who has been appointed as president and CEO of RCom's wireless business.
Gurdeep Singh

Which US-based bank got banking license in India?
Morgan Stanley

Name the Ex-Liberian president who is sentenced 50 years in prison.
Charles Taylor

India recently declined to sell nuclear technology to which 3 countries?
Iran, Iraq and Libya

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would invest in which 2 sectors of Uttar Pradesh state?
Health and Agriculture sectors

Expand ICO. (Hint: Coffee)
International Coffee Organisation

Expand TFSI. (Hint: Toyota)
Toyota Financial Services India