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Veer Bharat Premises in Bhopal

Where in India "Veer Bharat Premises", a unique museum dedicated to Indian heroes will be setup?

Name the Venezuelan who won his maiden Formula One Spanish Grand Prix 2012.
Pastor Maldonado

Who won the woman single's Madrid Masters title 2012?
Serena Williams

Who won the men single's Madrid Masters title 2012?
Roger Federer

Name the companies that Nigeria's telecom authority fined a total of 7.3 million dollars for providing poor services to customers.
Bharti Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Globacom

Which bank has is ranked 2nd most profitable public sector bank in terms of annual profit for the fiscal year ended March, 2012?
Bank of Baroda

Who has been appointed as TRAI chairman for a 3 year term?
Rahul Khullar

Where in India first 2MW solar power plant started functioning?
Uttar Pradesh

Where was the British World War II fighter plan found recently?
Egypt desert

Which 3 countries have warned North Korea on further Nuclear tests?
China, Japan and South Korea

Who will temporarily replace Yahoo Chief Executive Scott Thompson?
Ross Levinsohn


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