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30th June in history

1990 - East and West Germany merge their economies 1992 - 1st pay bathrooms in USA open: 25 cents, New York city 2005 - Spain becomes 3rd country to permit same-sex marriage

29th June in history

1994 - U.S.A reopens Guantanamo Naval Base to process refugees 1997 - Progress M-35 Soyuz Launched from Russia 2011 - Pope Benedict XVI launches Vatican website and also performs the first tweet ever made by a pope

e-payment must for public sector banks from 1st july 2012

Which countries businesses bought all 7 franchisees of Sri Lanka Premier League or SLPL? India In which country did Crompton Greaves open its extra high voltage switchgear manufacturing facility? Brazil Which company launched a single platform for TV, Internet and cloud computing? DDB Technology Which 2 countries army held flag meeting in eastern Ladakh? India and China Which edition of Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally is set to start on July 8th 2012? 23rd Who took over as 8th President of International Cricket Council? Alan Isaac Which test will cost Rs.2 and result the will be out in 10 seconds? Blood sugar India's foreign minister S.M.Krishna has urged Indian private sector to invest in which country? Afghanistan Which state Government has declared Rs.1 lakh as incentive to encourage youths who join Armed forces? Goa Which state Government are set to provide soil health cards to farmers? Madhya Pradesh Which payment mode a must for public sector banks from July 1st 2012? e-Payment Wh

Sri Lankan Premier League franchisees

Sri Lankan Premier League franchisees   Wadhawan Holdings $5.02 million Wayamba Number One Sports Consulting $4.98 million Kandurata Success Sports $4.6 million Uva Pearl Overseas $4.6 million Ruhuna Indian Cricket Dundee $4.33 million Basnahira Rudra Sports $3.4 million Uthura Varun Beverages $3.22 million Nagenahira Date of commencement - August 10th 2012 Finals - August 31st 2012

28th June in history

1992 - Buraharnuddin Rabbani becomes president of Afghanistan 1997 - TV evangelist Robert Schuller attacks a flight attendant 2011 - U.N. reports 10 million Somalians affected by worst drought in 60 years

Spain qualifies for Euro 2012 finals

Name the cricket player whom the ICC has urged for worldwide ban. Danish Kaneria At what value China's external debt stands? $751 billion Which popular car game is set to be made into a movie? Need for Speed Which automobile company is going for block closure from 28th to 30th June 2012? Tata Motors Name the tablet announced by Google recently. Nexus 7 Who became the first team to qualify for EURO 2012 finals? Spain In which Indian state maths and science will be taught via computers in selected schools? Haryana Which PSU bank aims to open 250 branches in Jharkhand? Allahabad Bank Which state will organise French Film Festival in alliance with the Alliance Francaise de? Kerala in Trivandrum (30th June and 1st July 2012)

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June 27th in History

1992 Dan O'Brien fails on pole vault and eliminated from Olympics decathlon 1995 Space shuttle STS-71 (Atlantis 14) launched 2010 The first democratic election in the history of Guinea was held

Madhya Pradesh awarded UN Public Service Award

Name the first woman on Facebook board who joined as Chief Operating Officer. Sherly Sandberg Which country is set to host cricket Champions League 2012? South Africa Lakes and ponds have been detected on which planets largest moon? Saturn Which 2 Indian cities will be provided with missile defence shield? Delhi and Mumbai Which country's astronauts successfully completed the first-ever manual space docking? Chinese Who has been named vice-chancellor of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University? Mohan Lal Cheepa Who resigned as Finance Minister of India? Pranab Mukherjee Which Indian state got United Nations Public Service Award? Madhya Pradesh Which Indian state emerged winner in the National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships? Kerala Expand GCC. (Hint Gulf) Gulf Cooperation Council Expand DCCI. (Hint Dubai) Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Which became the 5th euro zone country to apply for EU aid? Cyprus

June 26th in History

1991 - ANC leader Nelson Mandela addresses congress 1992 - India leases Tin Bigha border to Bangladesh 2010 - 2010 G-20 Summit in Toronto, Canada 2011 - Ash cloud from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle erupts, closes 39 flights in Chile and Argentina

Russian President's maiden visit to Pakistan for bilateral summit

Name the model of Sony which announced Internet player with Google TV. NSZ-GS7 Which mobile company shut its operations in Brazil recently? HTC Which company is set to launch smart fridge that can detect stale food? LG Which country is Russian President set to visit for a maiden bilateral summit? Pakistan Which historic monument in Srinagar gutted in a blaze recently? Dastgeer Sahib shrine Who took over as 5th vice-chancellor of Assam University? Somnath Dasgupta Which state will become the first to have 3 artificial truf fields? Goa Vedanta Resources recently approved the plan to merge the group's various Indian arms into a single unit, to be named as? Sesa Sterlite Which company bought by Microsoft recently will allow to offer service like Facebook to corporate customers? Yammer Which Chinese company is set to invest $2 billion in India? Huawei Name the Arab-based financial professionals website which was sold to Thomson Reuters recently. Zawya Expand CARG. (Hint: growth) Compoun

Wimbledon introduces dress code for the first time

Who is declared as President of Egypt? Mohammed Mursi Who won the European Grand Prix 2012? Fernando Alonso Name the 4th largest USA bank which could move jobs to India. Wells Fargo Which country held airshow to celebrate 70th anniversary of Florennes base? Belgium Name the Iranian film which was awarded top prize at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival. The Bear Which airlines launched inaugural flight to Vancouver, becoming the first carrier to link western China with Canada? Sichuan Airlines Which country injected nearly $200 million into capital market to stabilize its troubled market? Bangladesh Which team qualified to take on Germany in Euro 2012 semi-finals? Italy Which country is set to give Rs.250 crore health care to India? Norway What value of wheat is India planning to export? 2 million tonnes involving a subsidy of Rs.1,000 crore Which tennis event has introduced dress code for the first time? Wimbledon Which airline operator's plane became first to land usin

Free medicines to all patients in Government hospitals in India

What will be free to all patients in Government hospitals from October 2012 in India? Medicines What value of money have been pledge for sustainable development projects on the final day of Rio+20? $513 billion Expand NCHRH. (Hint: Health) National Commission for Human Resource in Health bill Samsung and Hitachi are to set up manufacturing units in which Indian state? Andhra Pradesh Which 2 Indian states are set to go for Tidal wave power? Goa and Gujarat Name the Formula 1 driver who is set to endorse Kerala tourism. Narain Karthikeyan Which Indian city will host 3rd Edition of Food Conference of 2012? Chennai Who is appointed as CEO of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)? Fadi Chehade Which became the 3rd team to qualify for Euro 2012 semi-finals? Spain

IGNOU join hands with Accenture to launch BPO course

On which stretch will the Government roll out the country's first project for the cashless treatment of road accident victims in August 2012? Pathamkot-Amritsar stretch (highway linking Gloden temple and Vaishno Devi) Which company launched a public beta version of its unlimited cloud storage service? Bitcasa Which company's patent is bought by Intel for $375 million? InterDigital Which company of is going to buy the US public safety equipment manufacturer Psion? Motorola What is the name of the facial recognition firm bought by facebook? Asia MotorWorks (AMW) recently inaugurated its dealership in which part of Karnataka? Hubli Who became the first non-head of state to address UK parliament? Aung San Suu Kyi Who won the Miss Asia Pacific 2012 title? Himangini Singh Yadu Who has been elected as 25th Prime Minister of Pakistan? Raja Pervez Ashraf Who is appointed as vice-chairman of Tea Board of India? Dinesh Sarma Which state high court has ordered that people with inc

TaxSpanner launches India's first professional income tax course

Name the Indian nuclear scientist who is elected as chairman of the Governing Board of World Association of Nuclear Operators(WANO), Tokyo Centre. S.K.Jain Which company received 2012 World Business and Development Award at the Rio+20 United Nations Summit? ITC Ltd. Which cartoon television channel will launch its branded mobile handsets for kids? Nickelodeon Which country became the first to register their birth in Euro 2012 Semi-finals? Portugal Name the first private university of Arunachal Pradesh. Indira Gandhi Technical and Medical Sciences University Which 2 places is the Bihar State Electricity Board set to privatize power supply and distribution? Patna and Muzaffarpur Gujarat : Automobile hub :: ______ : Steel hub Kutch Name the university which will sign an MoU with Central Public Works Department to set up India's first centre to study adaptation of domestic animals to climate change. Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) Expand RPO. (Hint: Power) Rene

Rajasthan to give unemployed candidates Rs.500 per month

Who is appointed as Sony India MD? Kenichiro Hibi Name the Sanskrit, Hindi scholar who passed away recently. Prof.P.K.Jose Which state in India is set to give Rs.500 per month and Rs.600 for a maximum period of 2 years for unemployed candidates and differently abled candidates respectively from 1st July 2012? Rajasthan Who becomes 4th Prime Minister of Greece in 8 months time? Antonis Samaras Which Indian cricketer is set to make a come back for T20 World Cup 2012? Yuvraj Singh The state which hosted 34th National Games 2011 is now bidding for which game? 12th South Asian Federation Games Which 2 country's home ministers are set to meet on yearly basis? India and Bangladesh Name the first Nagaland woman to conquer Mount Everest who will be felicitated at Raj Bhavan in Kohima. Major Neikhrietuonuo Linyu Which country overtook Hong Kong as home to Asia's wealthy? Singapore M.S.Dhoni has been made cricket brand ambassador of which country? Nepal Aadhaar number is a must in which c

ToughPad A1 a water-proof tablet by Panasonic

What value of money did India announce for debt-wracked Eurozone? $10 billion Name the 3G tablet that HCL is set to launch. Y2 Which companies has stopped production as demand slump continues? Auto companies Bharti Softbank has entered into partnership with which company to develop a mobile internet portal to offer service in India? Yahoo Japan What value of money has been pledged by BRICS as a contribution to IMF's bailout fund? USD 75 billion Which group has named SAP Leader in Transportation Management System? ARC Advisory Group Name the arm of Mercedes which completed 45 years of performance engineering. AMG Whom did Pakistan Supreme Court disqualify recently? Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani Gujarat Technological University students have left for which country under exchange program concept? Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Name the lone silk mill of Himachal Pradesh which is on the brink of closure as efforts for its revival have failed to produce desired resul

Women's Asian All Star Athletics Results 2010

EVENT NAME COUNTRY 100m Chisato Fukushima Japan Momoko Takahashi Japan Tao Yujia China 400m Jose Sini India Jauna Murmu India Zhao Yanmin China 800m Maryam Jamal Bahrain Tintu Luka India Margarita Matsko Kazakhsthan 1500m Mimi Belete Bahrain Maryam Jamal Bahrain Yuriko Kobayashi Japan 5000m Kayoko Fukushi Japan Hikari Yoshimoto Japan Mika Yoshikawa Japan 100m Hurdles Lee Yeon-Kyoung Korea Asuka Terada Japan Chung Hye-Rim Korea 400m Hurdles Satomi Kubokura Japan Miyabi Tago Japan Sayaka Aoki Japan High Jump Nadezhda Dusanova Uzbekistan Svetlana Radzivil Uzbekistan Anna Ustinova Kazakhsthan Long Jump Yuliya Tarasova Uzbekistan Sachiko Masumi Japan Wang Wupin China Triple Jump Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan Xie Limei China Aleksandra Kotlyarova Uzbekistan Shot Put Gong Lijiao China Li Ling China Lui Xiangrong China Discus Throw Li Yanfeng China Krishna Poonia India Song Aimin China Javelin Throw Yukifumi Murakami Japan Jung Sang-Jin Korea Park Jae-Myong Korea

Men's Asian All Star Athletics Results 2010

EVENT NAME COUNTRY 100m Masashi Eriguchi Japan Lao Yi China Kim Gook-Young Korea 400m Yuzo Kanemaru Japan Park Bong-Ko Korea Yusuke Ishizuka Japan 800m Bilal Mansour Ali Bahrain Masato Yokota Japan Mohamed Al-Gami Qatar 1500m Mohamed Othman Shahween Saudi Arabia Bilal Mansour Ali Bahrain Mohamed Al-Gami Qatar 5000m Saif Saeed Shaheen Qatar Essa Ismail Rashed Qatar Abdullah Ahmad Hassain Qatar 100m Hurdles Shi Dongpeng China Liu Xiang China Xie Wenjun China 400m Hurdles Kenji Narisako Japan Takayuki Koike Japan Takatoshi Abe Japan High Jump Mutaz Essa Barshim Qatar Lee Hup Wei Malaysia Rashid Ahmed Al-Mannai Qatar Long Jump Yu Zhenwei China Li Jinzhe China Su Xionfeng China Triple Jump Renjith Mahewary India Roman Valiyev Kazakhsthan Wu Bo China Shot Put Sultan Abdulmajeed Al-Hebshi Kazakhsthan Zhang Jun China Om Prakash Singh India Discus Throw Ehsan Hadadi Iran Mohammad Samimi Iran Ahmed Mohamed Dheeb Qatar Javelin Throw Yukifumi Murakami Japan Jung Sang-Jin Korea Park Jae-Myong Korea

South Africa to host first World Hindi Conference

What is Lakshmi Mittal's million dollar tribute to London called? Arcelor Mittal Orbit What is the importance of Los Cabos, Mexico where the G20 Summit is held? World Heritage site declared by UNESCO Name the Surrey and England Lions batsman who died at the age of 23 after being stuck by a train on London underground recently. Tom Maynard Where does India's retail inflation stand as of May 2012? 10.36% Flitch lowered which Asian country's credit rating outlook to negative? India Which country will host first World Hindi Conference? South Africa Where in Madhya Pradesh river-lake linking project has been launched? Bundelkhand Who won the Golf US Open 2012? Webb Simpson Name the socialist who won the French elections? Francois Hollande Who is appointed as crown prince, defence minister and deputy prime minister of Saudi? Salman Name the former India spinner who will retire from international and first-class cricket. Sunil Joshi Name the 7 PSU's whose credit outlook has be


Which country is considered as 'birthplace' of Pizza? Itlay What is the most widely cultivated fruit in the world? Apples Which famous sporting event would you be at if you were eating strawberries and cream? The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Which is the only family of fruit that does not ripen after plucking? Citrus fruits(Oranges,Tangerines etc.) If you are eating 'lentil pufffs', what would you be eating? Dal puris What are popularly referred to by westernized Indian's as 'G-Jams'? Gulab Jamuns What are the two main ingredients in a finger bowl? Water and a slice of lime Which fruit was once known as a 'love apple'? Tomato What is usually put in bread to make it swell? Yeast Which ice-cream sounds as if it is named after a day of the week? Sundae

Current Affairs July 2010 - 3

People P.T.Usha (to head panel for Khel Ratna and Arjuna awards) has been named chairperson of the selection committee for 2010's National Sports award Hockey icon Ashok Kumar to head the panel to pick the Dronacharya Awards Samta Kumari , a 28 year old of Uttar pradesh becomes 5th woman train engine driver in India Rudi Koertzen (108 Tests, 209 ODI's and 14 T20I's) to officiate in final Test match where Pakistan take on Australia in the MCC Spirit of Cricket Test match at Headingley, Leeds Apoorva singh has been appointed as Senior Vice President and Global Head - Infrastructure Management Services for Patni Computer Systems Former captain Pragat Singh of Indian hockey team files nomination for Hockey India President post Event/Business Airbus has selected India's private aerospace engineering firm Quest as its preferred supplier of aircrafts parts 2nd Edition Hyderabad Auto show , four-day event to be held from J uly 22nd to July 25th 2010 got underway at the

7th G-20 Summit, Los Cabos, Mexico

Name the star named after Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri Dixit-Nene Who won the woman's Indonesian Open title for the 3rd time? Saina Nehwal On which river is the world's highest bridge is being constructed in Jammu and Kashmir, India? Chenab Which Indian state Government would set up Swadhar Grah for women in distress? Haryana Which company will assist monetarily, woman archer Deepika Kumari who is set to participate in London Olympic Games? Tata Steel Which Indian state recently adopted state industrial policy 2012? Jharkhand Where did Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi accept her 1991 Nobel Peace Prize? Oslo Which FMCG firm would enter into kids segment with talcum powder? Emami Where is the 7th G-20 summit 2012 held? Los Cabos, Mexico Who became the first Indian to finish Le Mans racing at 6th place? Karun Chandhok Who won the Halle Open 2012? Tommy Haas For which sector or industry will Indian Government remove multi-level TDS from 1st July 2012? Sofware industry

Computer - 5

Desktop Keyboard Commands (Windows XP) Help F1 Rename the selected Item F2 Search for Files and Folders F3 Refresh Active Window F5 Select Another Item Arrow keys Select All Items on Desktop Ctlr+A Copy an Object Ctrl+C Cut an Object Ctrl+X Paste an Object Ctrl+V Undo the Last Command Ctrl+Z Open the currently Selected Object Enter Display the Properties of the Selected Item Alt+Enter Open the Start Menu Ctrl+Esc or Windows key Open a Right-Click Menu Shift+F10 Close an Open Menu Esc Minimize All Open Windows Windows+M Open Windows Explorer Windows+E Shift Focus to a different Open Window Alt+Tab Move the Selected Item to the Recycle Bin Delete Delete the currently selected item Shift+Delete Shut Down the currently Active Window Alt+F4 Open Task Manager Ctrl+Alt+Del

Innovation for India Awards 2010

Category Company Name Reason Business Reliance Industries Ltd. Deep Water Oil and Gas Exploration(KGD6) Business Tutor Vista Global India Pvt. Ltd. Converting face to face personalized tutoring into a virtual personalized service Business for Social Tata Chemicals and TERI Greening of Malara: Solid waste Dump Site Social GOONJ Channelizing all kinds of reusable material as a powerful resource for villages Social PRS Legislative Research All credible information on Parliament and Legislation for MP's, Journalists and Citizens groups are made available on the PRS site Public Services Government of Gujarat Jyotigram Yojana - Power and Irrigation Reform Public Service Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR) DIHAR has brought army and local inhabitants together to implement as inclusive model for socio-economic development of Ladkh Special Award Global Game Changer Bharti Enterprises For Telecom revolution in India

Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Nepal to promote cricket

Name the China's space mission whose crew included its first woman astronaut, Liu Yang. Shenzhou-9 spacecraft Which state got India's 4th Buddhist centre? Arunachal Pradesh Mahendra Singh Dhoni is in which country to promote cricket? Nepal Who is elected as All India Tennis Association president, replacing Yashwant Singh? Anil Khanna Who was elected unopposed as All India Tennis Association joint-secretary? Sunder Raju Who quit as Facebook's chief technical officer? Bret Taylor

Chief Executive Officer's - Who's Who

William D.Green : Accenture :: Dr.Dre : Aftermath Entertainment Shantanu Narayen : Adobe Systems :: Dirk Meyer : AMD Montie Brewer : Air Canada :: Gerard Arpey : American Airlines Steve Jobs : Apple :: Jeff Bezos : Kenneth Chenault : American Express :: Shikha Sharma : Axis Bank Jerald G. Fishman : Analog Devices :: Randall L. Stephenson : AT&T; Alain Belda : Alcoa :: Lakshmi Niwas Mittal : Arcelor Mittal Evan G. Greenberg : ACE Limited :: Louis C. Camilleri : Altria Group Julia Stewart : Applebee's International Inc. :: Garo H. Armen : Antigenics Inc. Kumar Mangalam Birla : Aditya Birla Group :: Anil Ambani : ADAG

ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2009 - Facts and Figures

1 . Who is the Highest Wicket Taker in ICC Champions Trophy 2009? Parnell(South Africa) 11/196 in 3 matches 2. Who is the Highest Run Scorer in ICC Champions Trophy 2009? Ponting(Australia) 288 in 5 matches 3. Which cricketer scored the Highest Individual runs in ICC Champions Trophy 2009? Smith(South Africa) 141 runs in 134 balls against England comprising 16 four's 4. Which Bowler has the Best Bowling figures in ICC Champions Trophy 2009? Parnell(South Africa) 8 overs 5/57 against New Zealand 5. Which country scored the Highest Team Total in ICC Champions Trophy 2009? England, 323/8 in 50 overs at 6.46 runs per over against South Africa 6. Who is the Youngest player in Champions Trophy 2009? Mohammed Aamer, 17 years (Left-hand Batsman and Left-arm fast-medium) 7. Who is the Oldest Player in Icc Champions Trophy 2009? Sanath Jayasuriya, 40 years (Left-hand Batsman and Slow left-arm orthodox) 8. Which bowler had the Best Economy Rate in ICC Champions Trophy 2009? Kandamby - 1 over,

Australia to create word's largest marine park network

What is the title given by Microsoft to revamp Hotmail? Newmail Who is set to lead Godrej consumer products ltd.? Nisha Godrej, 35 year old daughter of Adi Godrej Name the Tagore literary awardees for the different genres of novels, poetry, short stories and drama between 2007-2009. Sheel Kolambkar for Geera (Konkani) Jagdish Prasad Mandal for Gaamak Jingi (Maithili) Akkitham Achyutham Nambudiri for Anthimahakaalam (Malayalam) N.Kunjamohan Singh for Eina Kenge Kenba Natte (Manipuri) Indramani Darnal for Krishna Krishna (Nepali) and Arjan Hasid for Na Ien Na (Sindhi) Amitav Ghosh for Sea of Poppies (English) Where in Madhya Pradesh first tissue culture lab has been set up and developed 25 lakh saplings manily of G - 9 variety of banana by a farmer, Subhas Mohan Pandey? Hamalapur Somvari, near to Betul district Name the former McKinsey chief and Goldman Sachs director who is convicted of insider trading. Rajat Gupta Name the feature that Facebook is set to launch which will allow adverti

FIFA World Cup 2010 Awards

Golden Ball Diego Forlan of Uruguay Silver Ball Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands Bronze Ball David Villa of Spain Golden Boot Thomas Muller of Germany Silver Boot David Villa of Spain Bronze Boot Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands Golden Glove Iker Casillas of Spain Best Young Player Thomas Muller of Germany (age:20)

World Blood Donor Day June 14th

Where does inflation stand as of May 2012? 7.55% In which movie actor Sridevi is set to make a comeback? English Vinglish Name the cricket association formed in Andra Pradesh recently. Cricket Association of Telangana Which company signed MoU with Assam Government to adopt ICT in schools? Microsoft Corporation India (Pvt.) Ltd. Which state Government recently awarded Indian hockey team for qualifying to London Olympics 2012? Haryana Which states will 'Gandhi Peace Bus' tour, to conclude at Mangalore in July 2012? Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka What is the importance of June 14th? World Blood Donor Day and Flag day in USA In which year Government of Orissa declared filmmaking as an industry? 1974 Which traditional sport of Sikkim is set to get an academy? Archery Name the first Northeast state to have IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology). Tripura Which global financial services firm has termed Indian economy is facing stagflation? Moody's

FIFA World Cup 2010

25th June 2010 Chile 1:2 Spain Switzerland 0:0 Honduras Portugal 0:0 Brazil North Korea 0:3 Cote d'Ivoire 24th June 2010 Denmark 1:3 Japan Cameroon 1:2 Netherlands Slovakia 3:2 Italy Paraguay 0:0 New Zealand 23rd June 2010 Ghana 0:1 Germany Australia 2:1 Serbia United States 1:0 Algeria Slovenia 0:1 England 22nd June 2010 Nigeria 2:2 South Korea Greece 0:2 Argentina Mexico 0:1 Uruguay France 1:2 South Africa 21st June 2010 Spain 2:0 Honduras Chile 1:0 Switzerland Portugal 7:0 North Korea 20th June 2010 Brazil 3:1 Cote d'Ivoire Italy 1:1 New Zealand Slovakia 0:2 Paraguay 19th June 2010 Cameroon 1:2 Denmark Ghana 1:1 Australia Netherlands 1:0 Japan 18th June 2010 England 0:0 Algeria Slovenia 2:2 United States Germany 0:1 Serbia 17th June 2010 France 0:2 Mexico Greece 2:1 Nigeria Argentina 4:1 South Korea 16th June 2010 Spain 0:1 Switzerland Honduras 0:1 Chile South Africa 0:3 Uruguay 15th June 2010 Brazil 2:0 North Korea Cote d'Ivoire 0:0 Portugal New Zealand 1:1 Slovakia 14t

Events 2009

When was the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit held in New Delhi? Between 30th October to 31st October 2009 Who inaugurated 2-day Annual Economic Editor's Conference 2009 in the National Media Centre, New Delhi? Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee Where and when was Technology Entertainment Design(TEDIndia) conference held? (Myisuru)Mysore from 4th to 7th November 2009 Where and when was 29th India International Trade Fair held? Delhi with 50,000 visitors in first two days(14th and 15th November 2009) When and by whom is IT summit in Kerala's Capital planned? December 10th and 11th 2009 by Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) When and were NIIT University formally launched? 15th November 2009 at Neemrana(Rajasthan) When will the 'India Corporate Week' be observed? 3rd week of December 2009 Which tourism company has teamed up with Kerala Tourism for shopping fest to be held from December 1st 2009? Mahindra and Mahindra

Passenger cars to get star labelling from April 2013

Name the Pakistani legendary singer and Gazhal king who passed away recently. Mehdi Hassan For how many vegetables has Goan Government announced support price? 10 Goan vegetables What is the extension term given for Deputy Governor of RBI K.C.Chakrabarty? 3 months beyond 14th June 2012 'Star' labelling is mandatory for which cars from April 2013? Passenger cars For which event International Cricket Council will not create a separate window? Indian Premier League Name the Israeli who won World Food Prize. Dr.Daniel Hillel

Limca People of the Year 2010

Anand Mahindra of Mahindra and Mahindra Rahul Dravid former captian of Indian Cricket Team Kiran Karnik former president of NASSCOM Anjolie Ela Menon renowned Artist Justice J S Verma former Chief Justice of India Lalitha Regi human rights activist Shankar Nethralaya non-profit eye care institution

EvoTV by Amkette to enable users surf internet on TV

Name the SVB Financial Group's banking unit which is set to open its first international branch in London. Silicon Valley Bank Name the new Internet suffix bids. .lol and bank. According to the new format, 27 teams will be divided into how many groups to play Ranji Trophy? 3 groups Which Indian company is set to enter dairy business from 2013? Sahara India Which Bengali film will be shown at the Osian's 12th Cinefan Film Festival? Rituparno Ghosh's Chitrangada Name the device launched by Amkette priced at Rs.9,995 to enable users surf Internet on TV. EvoTV Suzuki Powertrain will be merged with which company? Maruti Suzuki What is Government of Canada set to offer to India to boost its ties? Natural Resources

Current Affairs June 2010 - 3

Business Facebook to open first centre in Hyderabad FatPipe Networks withdraws IPO after less response DQ Entertainment , an animation and gaming content company has entered into broadcasting agreement with Sun TV Network Ltd. for the provision of animation content Saibaba Telefilms , Mumbai based television production company to enter Southern region via a music reality show Sangeetha Mahayudhdham to be telecasted on Sun TV Innovation Country's first 3-MW solar photo volatic plant opens at Kolar in Bangarpet taluk, Karnataka Prithvi-II successfully test-fired off Orissa coast People Vijay Malya wins Rajya Sabha polls from Karnataka Paswan,Pratap Rudy have won Rajya Sabha seats from Bihar Technology C2C Management services launches online video resume service Nokia introduces push-mail service in S40 series phone priced at around Rs.2,700

Largest ever under-ice bloom of phytoplankton under arctic ice

Who won the French Open 2012 men's title? Rafael Nadal Who was presented with Wisden India Outstanding Achievement award? Sachin Tendulkar for completing a century of 100 international hundreds Who will lead Indian hockey team in Olympics 2012? Bharat Chetri Which university signed MoU with Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to establish a Hindi Chair in South China? Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) Where have scientists discovered the largest ever under-ice bloom of phytoplankton? Under the Arctic ice USA exempted India from which country's sanctions? Iran Name the 5-day film festival that is to be organised by Entertainment Society of Goa in collaboration with Directorate of Film Festivals and National Film Archive of India. Cinema Out of the Box Name the Operating system and mobile Operating system version that Apple announced at the 23rd annual developers conference WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). Mountain Lion and iOS6 Which Qatar-based b

Numerical Ability - 9

8888+888-88=? i) 9678 ii) 9608 iii) 8088 iv) None of these 5 3/5 * 2 1/7 + 5 1/2 = ? i) 20 1/2 ii) 17 1/2 iii) 17 3/4 iv) 9 1/2 40% of 2400+ ?% of 600 = 50% of 3840 i) 80 ii) 50 iii) 40 iv) None of these 8 16/25 is 48% of? i) 18.5 ii) 38 iii) 20 iv) 28 If Rs.91/- is divided among A,B,C in the ratio 1 1/2 : 3 1/2 : 2 3/4, B will get i) Rs.48 ii) Rs.36 iii) Rs.40 iv) Rs.45 [1/3 + 1/2] * 3/4[2/3] i) 7/12 ii) 3/10 iii) 1/12 iv) 5/12 Simple interest on Rs.600 at 18% per annum for 9 months is i) Rs.180 ii) Rs.91 iii) Rs.81 iv) Rs.108 8008 - 8000 / 10.00 = ? 1) 7208 ii) 8000 iii) 80 iv) 0.8 40 grams can be written in kilograms as i) 0.41 ii) 40 iii) 0.04 iv) 0.004 If A : B = 5 : 4, B : C = 8 : 35, then A : C will be i) 3 : 7 ii) 2 : 7 iii) 1 : 7 iv) 7 : 2

Possible Essay topics and Letter writing for competitive or IBPS exam

Essay Tablet PC's, is it an end to desktop computers. Write a note on e-waste management Infrastructure is a facet of growing economy Global warming root cause for depletion of water table Grading system in education, a boon or bane Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a costly affair for medium and small scale industries Mobile banking - its pros and cons Write a note on Internet censorship in India Letter Writing Write a letter to your friend describing about the inaugural event of Euro 2012. Write a letter to librarian highlighting the misuse of books at your college library. Write a letter to the Principal of your college regarding the latest developments for the arrangement of Annual Fest that is to be held in 10 days time. Write a letter to your newspaper agency about the delay in delivering the monthly edition of a book you have subscribed with them.   ( Note: More topics would be added in this section in days to come)

IIFA(International Indian Film Academy) Awards 2010

Best Film 3 Idiots - Vidhu Vinod Chopra Best Performance Leading Role(Male) Amitabh Bachchan - Paa Best Performance Leading Role(Female) Kareena Kapoor - 3 Idiots Vidya Balan - Paa Best Direction Rajkumar Hirani - 3 Idiots Best Performance Comic Role Sanjay Dutt - All the Best Best Performance Negative Role Boman Irani - 3 Idiots Best Performance Supporting Role(Male) Sharman Joshi - 3 Idiots Best Performance Supporting Role(Female) Divya Dutta - Delhi 6 Debut of the Year(Male) Omi Vaidya - Jackie Bhagnani Debut of the Year(Female) Jazqueline Fernandez - Mahie Gill Best Story Abhijat Joshi, Raj Kumar Hirani,Vidhu Vinod Chopra - 3 Idiots Best Lyrics Swanand Kirkire - 3 Idiots Playback Singer(Male) Shaan - Behti Hawa Sa Tha (3 Idiots) Playback Singer(Female) Kavitha Seth - Ek Tara (Wake up Sid) Music Direction Pritam - Love Aaj Kal Outstanding Achievement by an Indian Internationally Ani Kapoor IIFA Green Global Award Vivek Oberoi

Siana Nehwal wins Thailand Open 2012

Who won the Thailand Open 2012? Saina Nehwal Who won the Canadian Grand Prix 2012? Lewis Hamilton What value of bailout did Spain receive recently from European finance ministers? $125 billion Which housing arm of India launched its first low-cost housing project targeting 366 Tier-II and Tier-III cities and costing between Rs.5.5 lakh and Rs.12 lakh? Sahara Infrastructure and Housing Name the Ex-industry secretary who is to be appointed as NHAI chief. R.P.Singh Name the Indian actor who is set to make hollywood debut with 'The Lord of the Rings' producer Barrie Osborne. Kamal Haasan

Science - 6

How long hemoglobin in blood may remain alive? i) Whole life ii) 100 days iii) 80 days iv) None of these The blood pressure of a young male human being is i) 140/100 ii) 120/80 iii) 110/70 iv) 130/90 How many blood cells does the bone marrow produce every second? i) 10 million ii) 5 million iii) 7 million iv) 8 million In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is i) 30 trillion ii) 20 trillion iii) 25 trillion iv) 35 trillion In a female human being the average volume of blood is about i) 5.5 litres ii) 4.5 litres iii) 2.5 litres iv) none of these What is the total number of muscles in the normal human body? i) More than 400 ii) 200 iii) 250 iv) none of these Water is densest at i) 0degree C ii) 10degree C iii) 4degree C iv) 1degree C The human heart-beat per minute at an average is i) 60 ii) 80 iii) 75 iv) 72

Science - 4

1. Specialist in female ailments i) obstetrician ii) dermatologist iii) gynecologist iv) none of these 2. Specialist in children diseases i) orthopedist ii) internist iii) cardiologist iv) pediatrician 3. Specialist in eye diseases i) dermatologist ii) optician iii) oculist iv) orthopedist 4. Specialist in mental disorders i) psychiatrist ii) neurologist iii) optician iv) cardiologist 5. Study of eye diseases i) orthodontia ii) optometry iii) taxidermy iv) ophthalmology 6. Student of plant life i) zoologist ii) botanist iii) biologist iv) none of these 7. Student of the stars i) astronomer ii) anthropologist iii) biologist iv) astrologer 8. Student of insect life i) semanticist ii) sociologist iii) entomologist iv) etymologist 9. Student of word meanings i) philologist ii) semanticist iii) etymologist iv) none of these 10. Analysis of living tissues i) autopsy ii) astrology iii) anatomy iv) biopsy Answers: 1. ʇsıƃoloɔǝuʎƃ 2. uɐıɔıɹʇɐıpǝd 3. uɐıɔıʇdo 4. ʇsıɹʇɐıɥɔʎsd 5. ʎƃoloɯlɐɥʇɥdo 6.

Anonymous group protested in 16 cities across India against Internet censorship

Name the south Indian filmmaker-editor who passed away recently. K.S.R.Doss Where in the world forced marriage is set to become crime? Britain Which 2 disease has been identified as top killers around the world by UNICEF? Pneumonia and Diarrhea Who was sworn in as cabinet minister in the Vijay Bahuguna Government in Uttarakhand? Harak Singh Rawat Which group protested in 16 cities across India against Internet censorship recently? Anonymous Who became the 10th woman in tennis history to win all 4 Grand Slam titles after defeating Italy's Sara Errani in the French Open 2012? Maria Sharapova From which country India is set to buy 8 warships? South Korea Which country is set to launch manned spacecraft in June 2012? China To which Eurogroup the Eurozone finance ministers were willing to respond favourably to the need of 100 billion euros to a bailout request from its troubled banks? Spain How many medals did India bag at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships? 45 medals, includi

Indian Union Budget 2010-11 - a brief

Proposals: To issue additional banking licenses to private players and Non Banking Financial Institutions To provide more capital to Regional Rural Banks to meet the needs of the rural economy To extend the interest subvention of 2 percent for another year to export sectors involving Handicrafts, Handloom, Small and Medium enterprises and Carpets. To extend the period for repayment of loan amount by farmers to another 6 months To raise the interest subvention from 1 percent to 2 percent for timely repayment of short term corp loans To setup Coal Regulatory Authority to resolve issues involving economic pricing of coal and benchmarking of standards of performance National Literacy Mission has been relaunched as "Saakshar Bharat" to improve female literacy rate Minimum Alternate Tax to be increased from 15% to 18% Fund Allocation: Rs.300 crore has been provided under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana to increase the productivity of dry land. Rs.400 crore has been provided to ex

Reasoning - 5

Rahul can do a work in 6 days and Rupa can do the same work in 12 days. In how many days they will complete the work, working together? i) 4 days ii) 6 days iii) 8 days iv) 2 days P is the brother of Q, R is the sister of P, S is the brother of T, T is the daughter of Q, then who is the uncle of S? i) Q ii) R iii) P iv) cannot be determined Savitha borrowed Rs.100 from Gagan. Kavitha borrowed Rs.330 from Savitha and Rs. 50 from Gagan. Rs.400 was stolen from Gagan and he was left with no money. How much did Gagan have initially? i) 350 ii) 500 iii) 400 iv) 550 Richard does not wear white dress and Ajay does not wear blue dress. Richard and Sanjay wear different colored dresses. Only Sundar wears red dress. If everyone wears different colored dresses, then what is the color of Sanjay's dress? i) red ii) white iii) blue iv) none of these Pointing at Jeevan, Jagan said, "His father is my father's son". Then what is the relation of Jagan to Jeevan? i) Grandson ii) Son iii)