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Abbreviations - 6

FDI - Foreign Direct Investment
SIP - Systematic Investment Plan
ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Policy
IRDA - Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust
LIBOR- London Interbank Offered Rate
NSC - National Savings Certificate
ADB - Asian Development Bank
ILO - International Labour Organization
ADR - American Depository Receipt
GDR - Global Depository Receipt
IMF - International Monetary Fund
ECB - European Central Bank
EU - European Union
FII - Foreign Institutional Investors
DII - Domestic Institutional Investors
MFI - Mutual Fund Institutions
AMC - Asset Management Company
GDP - Gross Domestic Product
GNP - Gross National Product
GNI - Gross National Income
WPI - Wholesale Price Index
CPI - Consumer Price Index


  1. This was very effective for whom watching the new events. thank you


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