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Australia to create word's largest marine park network

What is the title given by Microsoft to revamp Hotmail?

Who is set to lead Godrej consumer products ltd.?
Nisha Godrej, 35 year old daughter of Adi Godrej

Name the Tagore literary awardees for the different genres of novels, poetry, short stories and drama between 2007-2009.
Sheel Kolambkar for Geera (Konkani)
Jagdish Prasad Mandal for Gaamak Jingi (Maithili)
Akkitham Achyutham Nambudiri for Anthimahakaalam (Malayalam)

N.Kunjamohan Singh for Eina Kenge Kenba Natte (Manipuri)
Indramani Darnal for Krishna Krishna (Nepali) and
Arjan Hasid for Na Ien Na (Sindhi)
Amitav Ghosh for Sea of Poppies (English)

Where in Madhya Pradesh first tissue culture lab has been set up and developed 25 lakh saplings manily of G - 9 variety of banana by a farmer, Subhas Mohan Pandey?
Hamalapur Somvari, near to Betul district

Name the former McKinsey chief and Goldman Sachs director who is convicted of insider trading.
Rajat Gupta

Name the feature that Facebook is set to launch which will allow advertisers to participate in real-time bidding to show ads on its website.
Facebook Exchange

Which country is set to create world's largest marine park network?

Which country expects 5.5% growth in tourist arrivals from India?
Hong Kong