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EvoTV by Amkette to enable users surf internet on TV

Name the SVB Financial Group's banking unit which is set to open its first international branch in London.
Silicon Valley Bank

Name the new Internet suffix bids.
.lol and bank.

According to the new format, 27 teams will be divided into how many groups to play Ranji Trophy?
3 groups

Which Indian company is set to enter dairy business from 2013?
Sahara India

Which Bengali film will be shown at the Osian's 12th Cinefan Film Festival?
Rituparno Ghosh's Chitrangada

Name the device launched by Amkette priced at Rs.9,995 to enable users surf Internet on TV.

Suzuki Powertrain will be merged with which company?
Maruti Suzuki

What is Government of Canada set to offer to India to boost its ties?
Natural Resources