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IBPS 2012 - Possible topics for descriptive paper

1. Raising petrol rate - boon or bane to the economy

2. Write a note on U.N.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visit to India

3. Write a note on Prime minister of Mauritius Navinchandra Ramgoolam visit to India

4. Qatar's highest per capita income and its impact on economy

5. Write a note on Canada's exit from Kyoto climate treaty

6. Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty - its impact on India and Nepal

7. Write a note of polio free India - declared by WHO

8. Bihar Day and its separation from Bengal 100 years ago

9. India successsfully test fired Agni-V

10. Shyamala Gopinath committee - its role and importance

11. Note on 20th ASEAN Summit

12. Note on 4th BRICS Summit

13. Note on Arab Summit 2012

14. Note on G20

15. Note on World Economic Forum

16. Note on World Polio Summit 2012

17. Euro crisis a growing concern

18. India an emerging world power

19. Raising Rupee - boon or bane to the economy

20. Privatisation of Indian airlines, a need of the hour

Note: Kindly go through relevant articles on the Newspaper or Internet. Try to write one or two topics before the exam which will help in knowing how much time is taken on descriptive section


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