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Innovation for India Awards 2010

CategoryCompany Name
Reliance Industries Ltd.
Deep Water Oil and Gas Exploration(KGD6)
Tutor Vista Global India Pvt. Ltd.
Converting face to face personalized tutoring into a virtual personalized service
Business for Social
Tata Chemicals
and TERI
Greening of Malara: Solid waste Dump Site
Channelizing all kinds of reusable material as a powerful resource for villages
PRS Legislative Research
All credible information on Parliament and Legislation for MP's, Journalists and Citizens groups are made available on the PRS site
Public Services
Government of Gujarat
Jyotigram Yojana - Power and Irrigation Reform
Public Service
Defence Institute of High Altitude Research
DIHAR has brought army and local inhabitants together to implement as inclusive model for socio-economic development of Ladkh
Special Award
Global Game Changer
Bharti Enterprises
For Telecom revolution in India