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Possible Essay topics and Letter writing for competitive or IBPS exam


Tablet PC's, is it an end to desktop computers.

Write a note on e-waste management

Infrastructure is a facet of growing economy

Global warming root cause for depletion of water table

Grading system in education, a boon or bane

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a costly affair for medium and small scale industries

Mobile banking - its pros and cons

Write a note on Internet censorship in India

Letter Writing
Write a letter to your friend describing about the inaugural event of Euro 2012.

Write a letter to librarian highlighting the misuse of books at your college library.

Write a letter to the Principal of your college regarding the latest developments for the arrangement of Annual Fest that is to be held in 10 days time.

Write a letter to your newspaper agency about the delay in delivering the monthly edition of a book you have subscribed with them.


(Note: More topics would be added in this section in days to come)