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Science - 2

The largest gland in human body is
i) Adrenal ii) Liver iii) Pituitary iv) Thymus

The unit of measuring food energy is
i) Calories ii) Volts iii) Ergs iv) None of these

Which fruit diabetic patients can eat freely?
i) Banana ii) Orange iii) Mango iv) All of these

The first person to conduct heart transplantation in India
i) Dr.R.Kesavan Nair ii) Dr.Venugopal iii) Dr.Ram iv) Dr.Vijay

The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by
i) Robert Edwin ii) John Gibbson iii) William Jones iv) Jonas E. Salk

What was the theme for the World AIDS Day which is observed on December 1?
i) Build better tomorrow ii) AIDS and the Family iii) Safe sex prevents AIDS iv) None of these

Which of the following enters human body through skin?
i) Ring worm ii) Tape worm iii) Hook worm iv) None of these

Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of
i) Salts ii) Vitamins iii) Protein iv) Water

Small pox can be prevented through
i) Vaccination ii) Injection iii) Ayurvedic drugs iv) Acupuncture

People's fear of today's technology is known as
i) Xenophobia ii) Anglophobia iii) Agoraphobia iv) None of these