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Talking ATM in India is launched in Ahmedabad

Which planet crossed the sun on 5th June 2012 making one complete orbiter rotation?

Name the Wisconsin governor in USA who survived recall.
Scott Walker

How many gold did India win on 1st day of Commonwealth Weightlifting?
11 gold

Name the author of 'The Twilight Zone' who passed away recently.
Ray Bradbury

Where in India talking ATM is launched by Union Bank of India?

Name the boxer who ended his 19 year boxing career which earned him 5 world titles and 3 weight classes.
Shane Mosley

Which 2 cricketer of India's World Cup winning squad were conferred with Eklavya award by Gujarat Government recently?
Yusuf Pathan and Munaf Patel

Who has been appointed as Chief Election Commissioner to take over S.Y.Quraishi from June 10th 2012?

International Olympic Committee has announced to live stream free London Olympic Games on which medium to fans in 64 territories across Asia and Africa including India?