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ToughPad A1 a water-proof tablet by Panasonic

What value of money did India announce for debt-wracked Eurozone?
$10 billion

Name the 3G tablet that HCL is set to launch.

Which companies has stopped production as demand slump continues?
Auto companies

Bharti Softbank has entered into partnership with which company to develop a mobile internet portal to offer service in India?
Yahoo Japan

What value of money has been pledged by BRICS as a contribution to IMF's bailout fund?
USD 75 billion

Which group has named SAP Leader in Transportation Management System?
ARC Advisory Group

Name the arm of Mercedes which completed 45 years of performance engineering.

Whom did Pakistan Supreme Court disqualify recently?
Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani

Gujarat Technological University students have left for which country under exchange program concept?
Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Name the lone silk mill of Himachal Pradesh which is on the brink of closure as efforts for its revival have failed to produce desired results.
Nurpur Silk Mills

Name the water-proof tablet unveiled by Panasonic recently.
ToughPad A1

Name the Chinese oil firm which signed an agreement with India's ONGC to jointly explore oil and gas worldwide.
China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC)

Name the 74-minutes-long film which won the best feature length documentary at the Mumbai International Queer Festival.
Let the Butterflies fly (Chittegalu Haaradali)

Who succeeded as Managing Director of Haldia Petrochemicals ltd.?
Sumatra Chowdhury