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Wimbledon introduces dress code for the first time

Who is declared as President of Egypt?
Mohammed Mursi

Who won the European Grand Prix 2012?
Fernando Alonso

Name the 4th largest USA bank which could move jobs to India.
Wells Fargo

Which country held airshow to celebrate 70th anniversary of Florennes base?

Name the Iranian film which was awarded top prize at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival.
The Bear

Which airlines launched inaugural flight to Vancouver, becoming the first carrier to link western China with Canada?
Sichuan Airlines

Which country injected nearly $200 million into capital market to stabilize its troubled market?

Which team qualified to take on Germany in Euro 2012 semi-finals?

Which country is set to give Rs.250 crore health care to India?

What value of wheat is India planning to export?
2 million tonnes involving a subsidy of Rs.1,000 crore

Which tennis event has introduced dress code for the first time?

Which airline operator's plane became first to land using fuel-saving technology?