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International Happiness Day, March 20th

What is the importance of June 30th 2012?
The last minute of 30th June 2012 will be 1 second longer and will be known as 'leap second'

What percentage of additional service tax would be levied on all bollywood actors and those perform on television serials?

Who took over as the director of ISRO Satellite Centre?
S.K.Shivakumar replaces T.K.Alex

T.P.Sudhindra was recently in news, which sport did he play?

Name the list of 6 states which will raise 32.8 billion rupees via 10 year loans according to RBI.
Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Punjab and Rajasthan

Which agricultural arm would setup over 20 rural gurukuls across Indian states including Jharkhand?

Who is appointed as Andhra Pradesh chief secretary?
Minnie Mathew

Which state will setup film promotion board to promote its films and culture?

Which country is to setup auto component and engineering park in Gujarat?

Which application of Microsoft is available for educational institutes free of cost?
Microsoft Office 365

Who won the Dutch MotoGP?
Casey Stoner

As UNO general assembly passed a resolution, which day will now be International Happiness Day?
March 20th