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1909 dedicated number to forward unwanted messages in India

What is the dedicated number that mobile users are required to forward the unwanted messages in India?

What measures has RBI introduced to control cheque frauds in India?
SMS alert system. A sms will be sent immediately to those who issue cheques within 15 minutes, if there is no response from the person then cheque would be cleared by the passing authority

Name the Indian who won silver medal in Men's 25 m rapid fire pistol shooting at London Olympics 2012?
Vijay kumar

As per the Government order from which date will the disabled soldiers get the benefit of disability pension?
On or after 1st January 1996 (Judgement case titled, Capt K.J.S.Buttar vs Union of India)

In a series of industry development announced by Punjab Deputy Chief Minister which cities would be developed as IT hubs, Textile hub and Sugar hub?
IT - Mohali and Amritsar, Textile - Malwa and Sugar - Bordering areas of Punjab

Which Indian city became 8th Sister City of Cincinnati, USA?

Where in India Rs.100 crore worth biodiversity museum would be setup ahead of Conference of Parties 11?