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31st August 2012, extended date for e-filling tax returns in India

What is the extended date for e-filling of tax returns in India?
August 31st 2012

Rs.1,900 crore,50% diesel subsidy and subsidy on seeds for farmers was recently granted by Government of India post which meeting?
EGoM meet

Which Indian state university has made mandatory for all the students to undergo Thalassemia test?
Gujarat University

Which was the 1st state to implement Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act as 8 more states follow?
Madhya Pradesh

What is the increased retirement age limit of teachers of Engineering and polytechnic colleges in Bihar?
From 62 years to 65 years

Name the course launched for those with passion for tribal development and tribal affairs.
1 year, Post Graduate Diploma in Tribal Development

Who is appointed as collector of Krishna district?
Dr.Buddha Prakash M Jyothi