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Complete current affairs for month of august 2012 for UPSC exam

Which Indian state is set to organise 19th state youth festival from 30th August to 1st September 2012?
Sirsa, Haryana

Name the online publishing website launched by co-founders of twitter.

Doctors at AIIMS recently conducted which body part replacement for the first time in India?
Computer assisted total hip replacement

Name the personality known as 'Father of Hindi' in South Africa to be honoured by India at the World Hindi Conference by unveiling his bronze statue.
Pandit Nardevji Vedalankar

Which bird was declared as state bird by the Delhi Government?
House Sparrow

Government of India recently enacted the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 covering entire country except which state?
Jammu and Kashmir

From which station was the AC-double decker train flagged off in India?
Sarai Rojilla station


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