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General Awareness for competitive exams 2012-13

Name the Indian who wrote lyrics of 2 songs 'I Be Here' and 'I have Secrets' which is in the list of 75 songs chosen for Oscar nomination under original song category.
Sherin Catherine

Which Indian state was awarded for the state's highest growth rate among larger states during the 11th five year plan?

What are the software's students registered for ICAI will deal with as a part of advanced IT course with effect from 1st August 2013?
Oracle, SAP and ERP

What is the expected wheat export in the 2012-13 marketing year as per United States Department of Agriculture?
6 million tonnes

Which country won all the titles at the World Junior Table Tennis championships 2012 held at the Sports Authority of Andra Pradesh indoor stadium?

Expand DDoS. (Hint: Denial)
Distributed Denial of Services


  1. Give the importent gk

  2. Sure efforts are taken to give relevant one's, yet gk is an ocean.


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