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GK updates December 2012

Who has begun indefinite fast in Haridwar to protest against resumption of quarrying and stone crushing in sensitive areas close to Ganga?
Swami Poornanad Sarswati

What is the theme for the celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda given by Arunachal Pradesh?
Wake up Bharat! Enlighten the World

Wipro recently sold its Sunflower Vanaspati brand to which US food processing company?

Which 2 cities in Punjab would have trade centers within 2 years span?
Amritsar and Mohali

Name the Japanese vehicle manufacturer who launched its production in Veerapanenigudem, Vijayawada exactly 24 months after the foundation stone was laid for the project.
Kyokuto Kaihastsu Kogyo Company Limited