Latest Business Quiz for Management studies

HCL group belongs to:

i) Shiv Nadar ii) Dell Computers iii) Satyam Computers iv) HP


The global company 'Capgemini' which works from 36 countries does not operate in which of the business sectors?

i) Technology ii) Automobile iii) Outsourcing iv) Consulting


The name "Hitachi" is a combination of two Chinese characters, 'hi' and 'tachi' meaning:

i) Flying and eagle ii) Moon and rise iii) Sun and rise iv) High and Mountain


What is the name given to Nike logo?

i) Swoosh ii) Sweep iii) Swift iv) Swipe


Compaq has been acquired by:

i) HPCL ii) Microsoft iii) Dell iv) HP


Videocon group of industries belong to:

i) Jindals ii) Ambanis iii) Tata iv) Dhoot


Health Insurance business is associated with

i) GIC ii) LIC iii) UTI iv) STC


The sportswear company Adidas belongs to which country?

i) USA ii) Germany iii) Japan iv) France

Current Affairs for UPSC exams, 10th January 2012

Which country's Prime Minister is to be chief guest at Indian Republic Day parade?
Thailand Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra

How many banks are now allowed to import bullion or precious metals?

Name the recently added banks to import precious metals.
Yes Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, City Union Bank and ING Vysya Bank

Which bollywood actor is campaigning for clean voting?
Aamir Khan

Who took over as Director General Military Operations succeeding Lt Gen Anand Mohan Verma?
Lt Gen Ashok Kumar Chaudhary

Which cricketer turns 39 as he becomes the oldest to play in Test cricket?
Rahul Dravid

Name the Chinese dancer who took Bharatanatyam and Kathak to Mao's China died recently.
Zhang Jun

Name the world's thinnest smartphone unveiled by Huawei recently.
Ascend P1